How Much Does It Cost To Install A Bathroom Mirror?


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Bathroom Mirror Installation Costs

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Mirrors only seem similar to a piece of framed art, and it is when you go to hang them that you realize it might be best to always have help from an expert. Unless it is a very small mirror that is lightweight and easy to manage, it may surprise you to discover how challenging it can be to hang a mirror properly.

This becomes even more important when it is a bathroom mirror since that can lead to problems should the mirror be installed incorrectly. Not only might it fall and smash, sending shards of glass everywhere, but if it leaves a hole in the sheetrock, that might make an opening into which moisture and bacteria enter, causing mold and mildew in the future. So, it is best to determine how much it would cost to install a bathroom mirror and find resources long before you need them.

There are many factors that will impact the cost of a bathroom mirror installation, including the overall size and weight of the mirror, the type of frame it uses, and if any special conditions exist in the space. Mirrors used in the bathroom can be of the no cabinet and flat-mounted varieties, the oversized models, or part of a medicine cabinet. The latter could mean that a somewhat detailed mounting process is required. Some mirrors, makeup or shaving mirrors especially, may even have the need for electrical wiring.

Bathroom mirror installation: by mirror type, labor included in the cost.

Item Cost
Flat-mount mirror without a cabinet: sized from a very small to a larger model. This is typically mounted above a vanity and is without any storage. $80-$560
Mirrored medicine cabinet: recess mounted, this will require professional installation and may need both a carpenter and an electrician. $230-$2,000
Shaving or makeup mirrors: may require professional installation by an electrician due to the built-in lighting fixture. $160-$950


Other considerations and costs

  • All hardware should arrive with the mirrors, with the exception of glues or adhesives to help mount to the wall or heavy duty mounting toggles and other fixtures that can ensure the heavier mirrors are supported.
  • Be sure that the mirror never extends past the vanity countertop.

DIY considerations

  • The smaller mirrors without any additional electrical or carpentry work may be suited to a DIY approach, but for safety’s sake it is best to work with experts when mounting any sort of bathroom mirror. Purchasing a stock mirror is often acceptable to a contractor or handyman, and paying them for the expert installation is usually all that they require.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$884
  • Bronx, NY$726
  • Brooklyn, NY$605
  • Philadelphia, PA$755
  • Washington, DC$655
  • Atlanta, GA$593
  • Miami, FL$539
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$565
  • Minneapolis, MN$662
  • Chicago, IL$772
  • Houston, TX$796
  • San Antonio, TX$534
  • Austin, TX$605
  • Denver, CO$511
  • Phoenix, AZ$539
  • Las Vegas, NV$592
  • Los Angeles, CA$667
  • San Diego, CA$605
  • San Jose, CA$731
  • Seattle, WA$535

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