How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Home Office?


(150 square foot room turned into an office)
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Home Office Remodeling Costs

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Having a home office is a great feeling and it is a very good use of the space of an additional room. You can use the room for taking care of your home finances, as well as starting or improving upon a home business. When you have a separate space available in your home specifically used for your office, it can even be deducted on your taxes.

Of course, you will first need to determine what you want from the office and then go through the process of actually remodeling. Think about whether you will need to have a phone line or a connection to the Internet. Since most homes have wireless routers, this should not be a problem, and you will not need to add anything special to ensure you have access to the web. Consider what type of flooring you will need, what colors you will want to paint the walls, etc.

Home office remodeling: an already existing 150 square foot room turned into an office.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Painting $1.88-$3.19 per sq.ft. 150 $282-$478.50
Insulation $3.20-$9 per sq.ft. 150 $480-$1,350
Flooring: laminate. $7-$11 per sq.ft. 150 $1,050-$1,650
New furnishings: bookcases, shelving, etc. $100-$600 each 5 $500-$3,000
Drywall $1-$4 per sq.ft. 150 $150-$600
Material Cost $16.41-$47.19 per sq.ft. 150 $2,462-$7,078.50
Labor Cost (painter) $20-$35 per hour 8 $160-$280
Labor Cost (carpenter) $70 per hour 20 $1,400
Labor Cost $40 per hour 72 $2,880
Total Cost $46.01-$77.59 per sq.ft. 150 $6,902-$11,638.50


Other considerations and costs

  • The size of the room, as well as the features that you want, will affect the cost of the home office remodeling project.
  • If you need to add a window or a bathroom, it will add a substantial amount to the cost.
  • Consider whether you need to have any special features in the room, such as soundproofing, so you do not have to hear the rest of the house while trying to work.

Check out our guide if you need a loan for your home improvement project.

DIY considerations

  • There are some elements of the project that can be done as a DIY project depending on your skill and knowledge with tools. Some may be able to install their own flooring and shelves, and they can take care of the painting. For jobs that involve electricity, plumbing, or difficult carpentry work, it is better to contact the professionals.


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Cost by city

(150 square foot room turned into an office)
  • New York, NY$14,779
  • Bronx, NY$12,144
  • Brooklyn, NY$10,122
  • Philadelphia, PA$12,627
  • Washington, DC$10,957
  • Atlanta, GA$9,913
  • Miami, FL$9,016
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$9,444
  • Minneapolis, MN$11,079
  • Chicago, IL$12,909
  • Houston, TX$13,315
  • San Antonio, TX$8,938
  • Austin, TX$10,120
  • Denver, CO$8,551
  • Phoenix, AZ$9,021
  • Las Vegas, NV$9,902
  • Los Angeles, CA$11,157
  • San Diego, CA$10,124
  • San Jose, CA$12,229
  • Seattle, WA$8,953

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: