How Much Does It Cost To Install An Infinity Pool?


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Infinity Pool Costs

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One of the most visually interesting and luxurious types of pools available today is the infinity pool. These are pools that have a vanishing edge, so it looks like it blends in seamlessly with the surroundings. They have a catch basin that is off the side of the pool with the infinity edge, which catches the water and then pumps it back into the pool.

These pools are beautiful and they can really add a lot to a piece of property. However, they are far more expensive than other types of pools, which is important to know when you are considering one of these options. Still, the visual appeal of these types of pools is enough to make many people want to use them.

Infinity pool installation: 12’ x 24’ lap infinity pool.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Infinity pool materials $120 per sq.ft. 288 $34,560
Labor (including cleanup) $100 per hour 96 $9,600
Total Cost $153.33 per sq.ft. 288 $44,160


Other considerations and costs

  • Not all pool companies offer infinity edge pools. You will need to make sure that the companies you are considering provide these types of pools.
  • Maintenance for the infinity pools tends to be costly
  • These pools require an extra pumping system to keep moving the water into the pool. This means added power usage and costs.
  • The land where you want to put the pool could add to the cost, as well. It needs to be level and landscaped properly, which you will need to do even before you start construction on the pool. This could add several thousand dollars to the cost.
  • The size of the pool will affect the price, as well.
  • If you want to have lights, a gate around the pool, or other add-ons, it will cost extra.

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DIY considerations

  • DIY is not an option for an infinity-edge pool. They are too complicated and difficult to build on your own.
  • There is some maintenance you can do once you have the pool, but even then, having an expert do routine checkups on the pool occasionally is the best option.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$70,937
  • Bronx, NY$58,292
  • Brooklyn, NY$48,583
  • Philadelphia, PA$60,609
  • Washington, DC$52,593
  • Atlanta, GA$47,584
  • Miami, FL$43,277
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$45,333
  • Minneapolis, MN$53,181
  • Chicago, IL$61,962
  • Houston, TX$63,910
  • San Antonio, TX$42,901
  • Austin, TX$48,577
  • Denver, CO$41,043
  • Phoenix, AZ$43,303
  • Las Vegas, NV$47,527
  • Los Angeles, CA$53,552
  • San Diego, CA$48,596
  • San Jose, CA$58,698
  • Seattle, WA$42,974

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: