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Electrical Wiring Costs

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Upgrading or installing new electrical wiring is a task that should always be done by a certified electrician. Not only is it dangerous work, but doing it yourself could void your home insurance or lead to improper installation, despite your best efforts. Homes that are over 40 years old are due for an upgrade because older 60 amp systems can no longer support the amount of power that a modern home needs.

The average home may use up to 200 amps for computers, HDTVs, home automation, HVAC units, and other high-output devices. There are a lot of factors that impact the cost of electrical wiring, including the size of the project and the number of connections needed.

Electrical wiring: mid-range materials, including labor costs, 1,200 square foot home.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
1. Laying electrical wire: materials included. $4 per sq.ft. 1,200 $4,800
2. Upgraded service panel $800-$3,000 each 1 $800-$3,000
3. Additional switches or outlets $100-$185 each 3 $300-$555
4. Labor Cost $75 per hour 20-65 $1,500-$4,875
Total Cost $6.17-$11.03 per sq.ft. 1,200 $7,400-$13,230

Other considerations and costs

  • To determine the cost of wiring connections, you should allot about two hours per connection for labor, plus materials.
  • If you are building new construction or have torn a building down to the frame, you will spend a lot less on labor to install new electrical wiring.
  • If an electrician can run the majority of the wiring through the floor joists, attic, basement, or other accessible spaces, the cost of new wiring will be significantly lower. Having to open walls to run wire can easily run project costs much higher.
  • Structured wiring is available for heavy-duty installations, which has an additional cost per square foot.
  • If you have old knob-and-tube style wiring, some local codes will require full removal. This can run as much as $5,000 in addition to the provided costs above.

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DIY considerations

  • As previously stated, electrical wiring is a dangerous job and should always be done by a licensed professional. You run the risk of electrocution, wiring that isn’t up to code, and even potential electrical fires.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$16,570
  • Bronx, NY$13,616
  • Brooklyn, NY$11,348
  • Philadelphia, PA$14,157
  • Washington, DC$12,285
  • Atlanta, GA$11,115
  • Miami, FL$10,109
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$10,589
  • Minneapolis, MN$12,422
  • Chicago, IL$14,473
  • Houston, TX$14,928
  • San Antonio, TX$10,021
  • Austin, TX$11,347
  • Denver, CO$9,587
  • Phoenix, AZ$10,115
  • Las Vegas, NV$11,102
  • Los Angeles, CA$12,509
  • San Diego, CA$11,351
  • San Jose, CA$13,711
  • Seattle, WA$10,038

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: