How Much Does It Cost To Install Christmas Lights?


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Christmas Light Service Costs

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Most people look forward to the holiday season for a long list of reasons, but for most, the Christmas lights are a real attraction. It is such fun to arrive home to see your house adorned with all kinds of twinkling and sparkling lights, but putting them up and taking them down can take a lot of the fun out of the experience.

The good news is that there are now Christmas light services that are happy to come out and do all of the work to ensure your home is beautiful for the holidays. This means you don’t have to find yourself buying or re-buying supplies each year. You pick the look, they bring all that is needed, and the house looks fantastic. Then, when you are ready to say goodbye to the season, they’ll come out and do the sad work of taking it down and storing it until next year.

Of course, these same services are happy to use your supplies and come out to the property to install everything as you desire, and then come and do a “take-down” whenever you want.

Christmas light service: 1,500 sq.ft. house.

Item Cost
Package Deal with LED lights, install and take-down $200-$400

Service for homeowner supplying lights:




Take down fee

$65 to $85 per hour

(most projects take half a day)

$10-$30 per strand

Total Cost $200-$1,000

Other considerations and costs

  • If you have a two-story home and a lot of landscaping, it is going to quickly increase the costs of the package options as well as the standard install and take-down services. Typically, a home with landscaping and two stories will double the cost of the Christmas light service.
  • The price of rental lights will increase when it is not basic LED lighting. For example, multi-color strands of classic gum drop lightbulbs may cost up to 20% for the package rate.
  • Remember that many areas are now instituting policies around the number or kinds of displays and lighting allowed. Be sure that you are able to put up the type of Christmas lights wanted before booking your appointment, and remember to book as early as the first months of Autumn to be sure you get the services you desire.
  • Remember that exterior lighting may require additional outlets and electrical supplies, which you will have to factor into the cost.

DIY considerations

  • Many people hesitate to pay an expert to do a Christmas light installation. However, it pays to consider the advantages of working with them. Firstly, it is remarkably time-saving to have someone else put them up and take them down. There is also the simple fact that experts know how and where to hang lights to get the best results. Finally, they will guarantee safety where electricity is concerned, preventing lights from being exposed to water or snow. They may change how you feel about decorating each year!


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$964
  • Bronx, NY$792
  • Brooklyn, NY$660
  • Philadelphia, PA$823
  • Washington, DC$715
  • Atlanta, GA$647
  • Miami, FL$588
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$616
  • Minneapolis, MN$723
  • Chicago, IL$842
  • Houston, TX$868
  • San Antonio, TX$583
  • Austin, TX$660
  • Denver, CO$558
  • Phoenix, AZ$588
  • Las Vegas, NV$646
  • Los Angeles, CA$728
  • San Diego, CA$660
  • San Jose, CA$798
  • Seattle, WA$584

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