How Much Does It Cost To Install A Telephone Jack?


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Telephone Jack Installation Costs

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Despite the growing reliance on mobile phones, some people still have a use for installing a telephone jack in their home or business. If there is already wiring present for phone lines in the house or if this is being installed in new construction, the costs will be lower than an installation on an existing structure with no current wiring or jacks.

Other factors affecting your installation include whether the walls or floors need opened for access to damaged wiring or to install new wiring, as well as what type of jack you need installed and how many you will have placed in your home. Smart telephone jacks are also available, which will cost more than a standard jack.

Telephone jack installation: one single-line and one multi-line jack installed in a room that needs additional wiring.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Single-line phone jack $3-$10 per unit 1 $3-$10
Multi-line phone jack $5-$15 per item 1 $5-$15
Additional wiring or components $10-$100 per jack 2 $20-$200
Material Cost $14-$112.50 per jack 2 $28-$225
Labor Cost $50-$80 per hour 1-2 $50-$160
Total Cost $39-$192.50 per jack 2 $78-$385


Other considerations and costs

  • If you are hooking up phone service, the provider may not necessarily be the cheapest source for a new jack installation. Typically, phone companies consider this task a premium service and can charge up to $200 or more per jack. Call at least two handymen or electricians to compare costs before you let anyone do the work.
  • The location of the phone jack and any unexpected occurrences may also increase the price that you pay. If the area is hard to get to or if wires need to be fished through walls, the labor costs will increase.
  • Phone service providers often push “free” installation, which means that you won’t pay for the installation labor, but you will have to pay for the materials. This is much rarer since telephone jacks aren’t as common as they once were, but it might be a cheaper option if your provider offers it. Just be careful they don't charge a premium on materials to make up the difference.
  • This estimate does not include any potential demolition or repair of drywall and flooring to access the wiring behind walls, which may be necessary for some situations. This could easily double the cost of installation in many cases.

DIY considerations

  • Wiring a phone jack is not a simple process. Unless you have experience in electronics or electrical work, installing a telephone jack should be left to a professional installer or electrician.
  • You may be able to provide your own materials for a lower cost. Compare what an electrician charges for the receptacle and any other components to the cost of purchasing your own wiring and telephone jack at a home improvement or electronics store.
  • If you do have handy electrical skills and basic installation, you can do the work yourself and only pay for the cost of materials, which is usually less than $50.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$369
  • Bronx, NY$304
  • Brooklyn, NY$253
  • Philadelphia, PA$316
  • Washington, DC$274
  • Atlanta, GA$248
  • Miami, FL$225
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$236
  • Minneapolis, MN$277
  • Chicago, IL$323
  • Houston, TX$333
  • San Antonio, TX$223
  • Austin, TX$253
  • Denver, CO$214
  • Phoenix, AZ$226
  • Las Vegas, NV$248
  • Los Angeles, CA$279
  • San Diego, CA$253
  • San Jose, CA$306
  • Seattle, WA$224

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