How Much Does It Cost To Build A Ranch House?


(2,500 sq.ft. ranch house)
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Build Ranch House

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Because new home construction costs vary so much based on home-style, it can be easier to get an accurate estimate by learning about the specific type of home that you want to build. Ranch homes were first built in the 1920s, and they remain popular today because they have a single-floor design with plenty of space. Most models also include an attached garage.

You will need to calculate and factor in labor costs for carpenters, masons, excavators, electricians, painters, plumbers, contractors, and other professionals to get the job done in a timely, affordable manner.

Build ranch house: 2,500 square foot, masonry foundation, full basement, appliances, energy-efficient windows and doors, and all finishing details.

Item Cost
Labor $212,600
Materials $219,000
Machine Costs $11,100
Total Project Cost $442,700

Cost per professional:

Item Cost
Project managers/general contractors $125-$175 per square foot
Carpenters $70 per hour
Excavators $70 per hour
Masons $70 per hour
Electricians $65-$85 per hour
Plumbers $45-$65 per hour
Painters $20-35 per hour

Other considerations and costs

  • In addition to a general contractor, you will also need to hire an architect. They will handle the design and budget, drawings, construction documents, and administrative tasks. Their fees are usually between 10 and 17 percent of the total budget.
  • Contractors are paid as much as $125 per square foot in many areas. They also may have some markup on materials and labor costs they actually got for a lower price. In the project cost above, you could assume that about $67,000 was lost in indirect fees and markup.
  • If there is land prep involved before construction can begin, you will need to make sure that you find a professional excavation crew to get the land ready. This can incur an additional charge or increase the labor costs of the ranch house construction.
  • Furnishings are not included in the cost of building a new ranch house.

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DIY considerations

  • Ranch house construction should never be attempted as a DIY project


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Cost by city

(2,500 sq.ft. ranch house)
  • New York, NY$711,141
  • Bronx, NY$584,369
  • Brooklyn, NY$487,043
  • Philadelphia, PA$607,598
  • Washington, DC$527,243
  • Atlanta, GA$477,021
  • Miami, FL$433,849
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$454,460
  • Minneapolis, MN$533,135
  • Chicago, IL$621,163
  • Houston, TX$640,694
  • San Antonio, TX$430,081
  • Austin, TX$486,981
  • Denver, CO$411,454
  • Phoenix, AZ$434,105
  • Las Vegas, NV$476,456
  • Los Angeles, CA$536,852
  • San Diego, CA$487,168
  • San Jose, CA$588,445
  • Seattle, WA$430,808

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: