How Much Does It Cost To Build A Single Family House?


(2,500 sq. ft. house)
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Build Single Family House Costs

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The national average for new home construction is about $125 per square foot. Keep in mind that many subcontractors charge hourly rates. Painters charge $25-$30 per hour, while electricians can charge as much as $85 per hour.

Another factor that will impact your cost to build a single-family house is the quality of furnishings that you choose. A basic 2,000 square foot house with simple furnishings will be much cheaper to build than a 3,000 square foot luxury home with all of the best furnishings.

Build a single-family house: 2,500 square feet, mid-range materials, basic foundation, full basement, appliances, and complete finishing.

Item Cost
Materials $146,454
Labor $144,819
Machine Costs $5,200
Total Cost $296,473

Within these costs, there are a number of different expenses that you will incur. Primarily, you will need to pay an architect and a contractor to design and oversee the construction of your home. Make sure that you aren’t paying your designer more than 10-17 percent of the total budget.

Other considerations and costs

  • This cost estimate is based on a basic four square home design. If a more customized design or style is desired, the costs for construction will be much higher.
  • All subcontractors charge different rates for labor. Make sure that you are aware of the costs upfront and that their estimate includes their labor costs.
  • If you choose to add premium construction details or higher-end fixtures and appliances, your materials cost will increase. Labor costs may also increase depending on the difficulty of installation.

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DIY considerations

  • Building a single-family house is never something that can truly be a full DIY project. While there are some aspects of home building that the average home handyperson can handle, you need a contractor and a team of subcontractors to handle all of the various tasks.


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Cost by city

(2,500 sq. ft. house)
  • New York, NY$476,246
  • Bronx, NY$391,348
  • Brooklyn, NY$326,169
  • Philadelphia, PA$406,904
  • Washington, DC$353,091
  • Atlanta, GA$319,458
  • Miami, FL$290,546
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$304,349
  • Minneapolis, MN$357,037
  • Chicago, IL$415,989
  • Houston, TX$429,068
  • San Antonio, TX$288,022
  • Austin, TX$326,128
  • Denver, CO$275,548
  • Phoenix, AZ$290,717
  • Las Vegas, NV$319,079
  • Los Angeles, CA$359,526
  • San Diego, CA$326,253
  • San Jose, CA$394,077
  • Seattle, WA$288,509

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: