How Much Does It Cost To Build A Townhouse?


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Build Townhouse Costs

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Townhouses are a popular type of multi-family residence. Similar to, but not the same as condominiums, they are usually closely related to multi-story, single-family homes. For example, a townhouse typically has a one or two-car garage, the main floor with shared living spaces, and an upper level with bedrooms and baths. It may have a deck or patio and terrace, small garden area, and more.

A townhouse, though, is not a free-standing, single-family dwelling. It is often connected to at least another townhouse but may be part of a long row of homes with some “end units” having one outer wall.

And like condos, they can help to keep the amount of upkeep to a minimal amount, with homeowner or association fees taking care of issues like sewer, water, paved areas, shared spaces, garbage, and more. Townhouses can be built as affordable homes, but also as high-end luxury properties. They can be very minimalist or part of upscale properties with pools, gardens, and more.

Build townhouse: two-unit, high-end 2,200 sq.ft. townhouse.

Item Percentage Cost
Architect and Contractor 10-17% (This is on top of actual construction costs and nudges the total amount to more than 100% of anticipated budget) $52,000-$88,400
Baths 4% $20,800
Electrical 10% $52,000
Exterior Finish/Walls 12% $62,400
Floor 12% $62,400
Floors 6% $31,200
Foundation 9% $46,800
Interior Finishes and Floors 15% $78,000
Kitchen 8% $41,600
Plumbing 12% $62,400
Roofing 6% $31,200
Windows and Doors 6% $31,200
Total Cost   $572,000-$608,400

Other considerations and costs

  • These figures are based on the standard 2,200 square foot property, and while there is an average price when it is outside of a major metro area, experts indicate that the per square foot price can decline by as much as 6%.
  • Masonry walls on the exterior of a townhouse increase total costs by more than 9% regardless of location.

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DIY considerations

  • Building a townhouse is not a DIY activity and requires scores of experts to ensure that the entire structure is up to code, to the quality desired, and capable of being quickly sold or filled with long-term renters.


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  • Latest prices found on Home Depot and other vendor Web sites.
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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$947,759
  • Bronx, NY$778,807
  • Brooklyn, NY$649,098
  • Philadelphia, PA$809,764
  • Washington, DC$702,673
  • Atlanta, GA$635,741
  • Miami, FL$578,204
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$605,673
  • Minneapolis, MN$710,526
  • Chicago, IL$827,844
  • Houston, TX$853,873
  • San Antonio, TX$573,182
  • Austin, TX$649,015
  • Denver, CO$548,357
  • Phoenix, AZ$578,546
  • Las Vegas, NV$634,988
  • Los Angeles, CA$715,479
  • San Diego, CA$649,264
  • San Jose, CA$784,239
  • Seattle, WA$574,151

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: