How Much Does It Cost To Build A Loft?


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Build Loft Costs

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In homes with high ceilings, a loft is an easy addition to increase living space without spending a lot, since there is no foundation or roofing work required. You can generally build off of the existing structure and joists of your home, depending on the desired location of the loft space, so there will be some demolition costs involved. Generally speaking, you will need at least 17 to 19 feet of height in your ceilings to have a loft-worthy space.

Pricing the cost to build a loft in your home has a number of variables. The size of the loft space you want to create, as well as what features you want and wherein the home it will be installed, should be considered. If you will need stairs constructed, that is another expense to add to the list. Other details, including extra features like adding power outlets or lights to the space, will affect the cost, as well.

Loft building: 800 sq.ft., materials, plans, permits, and labor.

Item Unit Cost Cost
Architect plans: required since this is a structural change $3,500 $3,500
Permits $400-$800 $400-$800
Materials: all construction and finishing materials, mid-range products $100-$200 per sq.ft. $80,000-$160,000
Labor Cost: 120 hours $45-$100 per hour $5,400-$1,200
Total Cost $111-$219 per sq.ft. $89,300-$175,500

Other considerations and costs

  • These are average estimates based on various sizes of loft additions with mid-range materials. If you choose higher-end materials or larger loft space, you may have higher project costs.
  • Since you are adding a structural element to your home by building a loft space, you will need to have plans drawn up and approved by an architect in order to legally and safely construct this addition.
  • Permit costs and requirements vary by city or region, so be sure to check with your contractor or your local municipality regarding permit requirements.
  • If you are adding electrical wiring, plumbing, or other features to this space, that may incur additional costs. Make sure that your estimate includes all work that needs to be done, including materials and labor, so that you get an accurate idea of what to expect.
  • Constructing a loft space in a new construction home will be cheaper and take less time because there is no demolition required.
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DIY considerations

  • Building any kind of space onto your home, including a loft, requires a lot of professional skilled trades. This is not a DIY project, by any means, and you should always leave the work to the pros.
  • If you want to cut costs, you can compare the savings to provide your own materials rather than having them supplied by the contractor. You may also be able to save as much as $500 or more by doing your own demolition. Just make sure that you don’t cause damage that will lead to costly repairs.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$212,684
  • Bronx, NY$174,770
  • Brooklyn, NY$145,662
  • Philadelphia, PA$181,717
  • Washington, DC$157,685
  • Atlanta, GA$142,665
  • Miami, FL$129,753
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$135,917
  • Minneapolis, MN$159,447
  • Chicago, IL$185,774
  • Houston, TX$191,615
  • San Antonio, TX$128,626
  • Austin, TX$145,643
  • Denver, CO$123,055
  • Phoenix, AZ$129,830
  • Las Vegas, NV$142,496
  • Los Angeles, CA$160,558
  • San Diego, CA$145,699
  • San Jose, CA$175,989
  • Seattle, WA$128,843

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: