How Much Does It Cost To Install Brick Siding?


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Brick Siding Installation Costs

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Easily one of the most popular options in new builds and upgrades is brick siding or “brick veneer.” It is durable and good looking and will provide any home with one of the longest-lasting options. It is weather-resistant and aesthetically appealing. It is not, however, the same as a brick home. With the latter, a masonry expert will carefully lay bricks and mortar down and build exterior walls. With siding, it is a similar process, but the siding itself does not supply much structural support. It is a siding and not a primary building material.

And yet, when you begin exploring options and data about the price for brick siding installation, you will hear it described as both brick and brick veneer, and with different pricing tiers. It is because the veneer is an actual brick, but it is much thinner, lighter, and less expensive. That gives it a lot of “pros,” but it is also easily damaged, which is a definite “con.”

In this brick siding installation cost guide, we are going to focus on both types of siding to help any home or property owners eager to enjoy the good looks of this classic material. After all, there is more to the story than bricks and mortar! Installation requires skilled labor, house wrap to prevent moisture from leaching into the structure, shims to align the blocks, and the removal of any pre-existing siding along with proper prep work.

Brick siding installation: mid-range materials, labor, 1,200 square feet.

Item Unit Cost Total Cost
Bricks $3.50 per square foot $4,200
Mortar $2-$3 per square foot $2,400-$3,600
Shims $0.15 each $15-$45
House wrap $0.50-$1.00 per square foot $600-$1,200
Labor Cost (approx. 100 hours) $24 - $30 per hour $2,400-$3,000
Removal and disposal of existing siding $500 - $1000 $500-$1,000
Total Cost   $10,115-$13,045

Other considerations and costs

  • Many property owners forget to consider if the final look will include paint, which is an entirely different factor to consider.
  • Full house installations of roughly 1,000 square feet are considered the average, but partial installs are also common.
  • Calculating the amount of materials is challenging, and requires precise measurements of garage door openings, windows, and doors.
  • Some installations begin below grade; some also stop on the first floor.
  • The average expert says that you should have over 50 hours of brick playing experience before attempting a brick siding installation as a DIY project.
  • Experts calculate the weight of the bricks to ensure the structure is safe, and whether or not the foundation will require some strengthening to support the new weight.

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DIY considerations

  • Brick siding installation is not a DIY project
  • It may be costly, with the average bricklayer making between $24 and $28 per hour to do the work, but the costs associated with a botched job are far higher.
  • There are too many factors in doing brick siding of even the most modest level, and it is best to pay an expert and get the job done flawlessly and adequately the first time!


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$18,602
  • Bronx, NY$15,286
  • Brooklyn, NY$12,740
  • Philadelphia, PA$15,893
  • Washington, DC$13,791
  • Atlanta, GA$12,478
  • Miami, FL$11,348
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$11,888
  • Minneapolis, MN$13,946
  • Chicago, IL$16,248
  • Houston, TX$16,759
  • San Antonio, TX$11,250
  • Austin, TX$12,738
  • Denver, CO$10,763
  • Phoenix, AZ$11,355
  • Las Vegas, NV$12,463
  • Los Angeles, CA$14,043
  • San Diego, CA$12,743
  • San Jose, CA$15,392
  • Seattle, WA$11,269

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