How Much Does It Cost To Repair Stone Siding?


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Stone Siding Repair Costs

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Stone siding is revered for its resilience and durability, but the cost to replace and repair stone or brick siding can be quite expensive when compared to other siding materials. Of course, the cost of this project will depend on how much stone needs repaired or replaced and whether the same product is still readily available.

In some cases, a siding material has been discontinued and you will have to decide whether to upgrade or find a close enough solution until you are ready to buy new siding. The age of the stone, as well as the climate and weather of the region where you live, will also impact stone siding repair costs.

Stone siding repair: area of 100 square feet, using mid-range materials.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Replacement stones/bricks: individual $8-$10 per sq.ft. 100 $800-$1,000
Replacement of mortar/grout $2-$3 per sq.ft. 100 $200-$300
Labor Costs $40-$50 per hour 4-5 $160-$250
Total Cost $11,60-$15.50 per sq.ft. 100 $1,160-$1,550


Other considerations and costs

  • If bricks or stones are the primary exterior structure of the home and they need a full replacement, the entire structure may need an evaluation to ensure that it isn’t settling badly and creating major issues.
  • If you choose to hire a stonemason, you may get better results but you will pay more in labor costs due to the specialty nature of their skills.
  • Cracks and damage that occur due to water leaks or other issues cannot be properly repaired until the origin of the issue is found and resolved. This will incur additional costs and often require additional contractors.
  • If your home has a complex design or the repair area is difficult to access, you may pay more for additional labor and time involved in completing the repairs.

DIY considerations

  • Small repairs in the mortar and joints can be fixed fairly inexpensively with products available at your local home improvement store.
  • You should never attempt to replace bricks or stones on your own. This affects the structural integrity of your house and requires a trained professional.
  • If you have already repaired or replaced joints and mortar in areas where problems continue to occur, consult a professional because this is usually a sign of a larger problem.
  • Consider weather factors that could be affecting the exterior of your home (such as high winds or water) and how you can better protect your stone or brick from the elements.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$2,169
  • Bronx, NY$1,782
  • Brooklyn, NY$1,485
  • Philadelphia, PA$1,853
  • Washington, DC$1,608
  • Atlanta, GA$1,455
  • Miami, FL$1,323
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$1,386
  • Minneapolis, MN$1,626
  • Chicago, IL$1,894
  • Houston, TX$1,954
  • San Antonio, TX$1,312
  • Austin, TX$1,485
  • Denver, CO$1,255
  • Phoenix, AZ$1,324
  • Las Vegas, NV$1,453
  • Los Angeles, CA$1,637
  • San Diego, CA$1,486
  • San Jose, CA$1,794
  • Seattle, WA$1,314

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: