How Much Does It Cost To Exterminate Fleas?


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Fleas Exterminator Costs

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Fleas are pesky, but they can also be dangerous to pets if an infestation takes hold in your home or yard. These tiny, wingless parasites feed on the blood of mammals and are most commonly found on those covered in fur, such as dogs, cats, and some pests like raccoons. Fleas are difficult to get rid of because they can easily cover a lot of distance. They can also get into the carpeting and cracks of your home, and leave eggs behind that can create a whole new problem down the road.

Local pest control service costs vary depending on where you live. The process should start with an assessment of the home, followed by the development of a treatment plan for the most effective results. There are multiple types of fleas and the severity of your infestation will also affect the cost that you pay for an exterminator.

Although there are over 2,000 kinds of fleas, there is only a handful that is responsible for infesting your home. These include cat and dog fleas, which specifically prefer the former or latter but will infest other hosts, including humans. There are also human fleas that can infest the home, but these are far less common. Bird fleas and rodent fleas might sound like they aren’t a threat in the home, but most fleas will live on any mammal they can find. Therefore, your dogs and cats could still be susceptible to fleas from a variety of sources.

Fleas Extermination $300
Initial visit and treatment $95
Follow-up treatment $75
Other Costs  
Pet flea treatments $20-$150
Laundry and house cleaning $20-$200 for basic laundry and cleaning supplies or full-service cleaning

Other considerations and costs

  • You may want to pay a professional cleaning service after fleas have been successfully exterminated from your home. This could increase the cleaning costs.
  • Carpet shampooing can also give you extra peace of mind but will incur an additional charge.
  • Preventative flea medications can save you from needing an exterminator, and average $30-$60 per month.
  • If you don’t use preventative medications, many flea exterminators will not guarantee their work beyond their initial visit.
  • You can hire an exterminator to treat your yard for fleas. This will incur similar costs as indoor flea removal but will be more effective in actually eliminating the problem. Another way that you can reduce this risk is to remove any dampness from the yard, spread wood chips to absorb moisture, and spray the area with a flea-killing pesticide.

DIY considerations

  • You have to find the source of the fleas if you are going to get rid of them for good.
  • If you are treating your home yourself, consider a bug bomb or a similar treatment option that resolves the issue quickly and effectively.
  • Don’t attempt to use harsh chemicals or dangerous products on your own. Call a fleas expert for the best results.


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  • New York, NY$482
  • Bronx, NY$396
  • Brooklyn, NY$330
  • Philadelphia, PA$412
  • Washington, DC$357
  • Atlanta, GA$323
  • Miami, FL$294
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$308
  • Minneapolis, MN$361
  • Chicago, IL$421
  • Houston, TX$434
  • San Antonio, TX$291
  • Austin, TX$330
  • Denver, CO$279
  • Phoenix, AZ$294
  • Las Vegas, NV$323
  • Los Angeles, CA$364
  • San Diego, CA$330
  • San Jose, CA$399
  • Seattle, WA$292

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