How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Bat Removal Service?


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Bat Removal Costs

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Bat removal involves a process known as exclusion, creating one-way paths that allow bats to leave a home but not to re-enter the property. The exterminator will also seal other holes and potential entrances to the home. Bat removal does not involve fumigation or poison because these methods are banned by federal laws. Trapping is not effective because bats have a home range of about 150 miles, so they will typically just keep coming back unless you take them on a three-hour drive.

Bat removal costs also depend on the size of the infestation and various aspects of the property, including its condition and how many potential entry points are found. Cleanup and repairs will incur additional costs, as well.

Bat removal: costs by item.

Item Cost
Inspection $75
Small colony removal $150
Large colony removal $300-$2,000
Gable vent sealing $100 per vent
Sealing of other holes $30-$50 per hole
Cleanup: removal of guano, sanitization, and replacement of insulation. $500
Total Cost $225-$2,000


Other considerations and costs

  • If bats have caused significant structural or other damage to your home, this will incur additional repair and replacement costs. Be sure to contact the appropriate contractors for repair estimates. Ask your bat removal expert for referrals to contractors familiar with pest-related repairs.
  • Home insurance policies may cover cleanup and bat-proofing measures that occur after the removal, but they may not pay for the actual bat removal process. Check your policy before you pay anything.
  • Bat-proofing and removal are heavily regulated by federal and local wildlife laws and agencies. Therefore, you’ll need to check with them before performing any services to ensure that you are acting within the appropriate guidelines for your local area. This may affect what you pay for bat removal services, as well.
  • Ask if the quote for bat removal services includes a warranty or guarantee on their services. Some companies will offer these, but not all do. Furthermore, the exact details of each will vary, such as whether incidents are covered if the bat enters the building through a door or window.

DIY considerations

  • DIY bat removal is not recommended by most experts and professional services. Experts have the appropriate tools and training for the job. Additionally, cleaning up droppings requires special cleaning products and methods to ensure proper sanitation and decontamination.
  • If you have a single bat problem or can easily see the place that needs to be sealed off, you may be able to do the work yourself after paying for professional removal. However, it isn’t usually recommended or worth the effort.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$1,767
  • Bronx, NY$1,452
  • Brooklyn, NY$1,210
  • Philadelphia, PA$1,510
  • Washington, DC$1,310
  • Atlanta, GA$1,185
  • Miami, FL$1,078
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$1,129
  • Minneapolis, MN$1,325
  • Chicago, IL$1,543
  • Houston, TX$1,592
  • San Antonio, TX$1,069
  • Austin, TX$1,210
  • Denver, CO$1,022
  • Phoenix, AZ$1,079
  • Las Vegas, NV$1,184
  • Los Angeles, CA$1,334
  • San Diego, CA$1,210
  • San Jose, CA$1,462
  • Seattle, WA$1,070

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