How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Bee Nest Removal Service?


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Bee Nest Removal Costs

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We all know that honey bees are terrific pollinators and crucial to human survival, but few of us are thrilled when bees invade our homes or gardens in huge swarms. They guard their turf aggressively, and whether or not you have allergies, you are unlikely to smile favorably on a sting or ten. Whether they are outdoors or taking up residence in or on the structure of your home, bee nest removal is likely the only option.

Carpenter bees are excellent little pollinators but have no stingers. They can do a lot of damage to the home, however, and need to be removed. Honey and bumblebees are stingers and will also need removal if they become problematic. It is typically the honeybees that become a significant worry because their swarms number in the thousands of bees and they will sting if provoked.

If it is wasps, it is best to have them destroyed because relocating them is almost entirely impossible. Honeybees are good candidates for relocation, but the cost of such a process can be tremendous. It is because some bees build inside of the walls of the home, necessitating the removal of building materials, introducing smoke inside of the house to dull the bees’ senses, and then taking away the hive.

Item Cost
Inspection $250-$400
Removal $250(with average removal taking at least a half of a day, or more)
Extermination (if removal is not an option) $300
Carpenter (if repairs are needed after removal) $70 per hour (expect four or more hours to effect repairs)
Total Cost $500-$1,000

Other considerations and costs

  • If your inspector determines that it is a honeybee swarm inside of the home or on the property, some beekeeping enthusiasts may extend a “freebie” if the job is not too complex. It may be beneficial to phone around to local beekeepers or organizations to determine if that is an option.

DIY considerations

  • It is always advisable to work with bee removal experts when swarms appear or when nests become a problem. You do not, necessarily, have to kill these beneficial insects, but it has to begin with an expert inspection to determine just what you are dealing with and the best route to addressing the situation.
  • The potential for harm using a DIY method is just too high, and it does not matter whether you are allergic or not, bees are territorial and likely to act defensively even if no harm is intended. Working with an expert will give the bees the best chance to survive the process while restoring your home to its best condition.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$1,205
  • Bronx, NY$990
  • Brooklyn, NY$825
  • Philadelphia, PA$1,029
  • Washington, DC$893
  • Atlanta, GA$808
  • Miami, FL$735
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$770
  • Minneapolis, MN$903
  • Chicago, IL$1,052
  • Houston, TX$1,085
  • San Antonio, TX$729
  • Austin, TX$825
  • Denver, CO$697
  • Phoenix, AZ$735
  • Las Vegas, NV$807
  • Los Angeles, CA$910
  • San Diego, CA$825
  • San Jose, CA$997
  • Seattle, WA$730

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