How Much Does It Cost To Install A Wood Fence?


(¼ acre of fencing with a gate)
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Wood Fence Costs

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The old saying that “good fences make good neighbors,” still holds today, and it becomes even truer when you ensure that the fence you install is good-looking. One of the most aesthetically appealing types of fencing is wooden fencing.

The variables for final pricing include the type of wood, size of the area to be fenced, whether or not it will be sealed, and whether there will be gates or decorative elements. Also, the prices will usually increase substantially when fence posts require concrete over gravel to give them stability.

Generally, when hiring an expert team to do any wood fence installation, the homeowner gets a finished price per foot. The cost can be split between materials and labor, but there may be additional factors such as decorative caps and finishes.

Wood fence installation: ¼ acre of fencing with a gate.

Item Cost
Fencing - this includes everything from luxury hardwoods to standard pine $1-15/foot (six-foot stockade)
Pressure-treated posts $20-$25 each
Pressure-treated lumber $3-$10/foot
Power auger rental $50-$100/day
Total Costs $2,500-$7,700

Other considerations and costs

  • Decorative post caps also protect the cut ends of the posts while improving the looks of the fence and can cost from $5-$50 each.
  • Whether it is pressure treated or another type of wood, it is a good idea to get a wooden fence sealed at the time it is installed. It typically requires from five to ten gallons of sealant at roughly $200 per five-gallon drum.
  • Concrete instead of gravel in the post holes boosts the price of the fence by $2-$4 per linear foot.
  • Gates typically run from $200-$600 each, and will always add value and functionality to the fence. Be sure they are fitted with suitable hardware and locking latches if security is an issue.

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DIY considerations

  • Those considering it as a DIY project should also be aware that a long list of specialty tools are typically involved in any wood fence installation, including finishing nailers, drills and bits, an air compressor to power tools, post hole diggers, and more. Investing in even a single one of these tools can increase the cost of the project by hundreds or more.
  • It is entirely possible to handle a wood fence installation on a DIY basis, but it pays to consider some essential details before committing to the work. First, it can be challenging to space the posts correctly, hang the panels evenly, and get the kind of long-lasting results desired. An experienced team can manage the entire thing in only a short period and create a durable and good-looking fence to last for years.
  • Secondly, wooden fence installation is rarely a one-person job as it involves handling long and oversized sections of wooden fencing. When using a taller privacy or stockade fence, it is a significant challenge to align and hang each piece without help.
  • Finally, many homeowners make the wrong choices in materials and installation methods, and expert contractors can often point them towards better options for their needs and budget.


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How much does it cost to install a wood fence in your city?
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Cost by city

(¼ acre of fencing with a gate)
  • New York, NY$7,952
  • Bronx, NY$6,534
  • Brooklyn, NY$5,446
  • Philadelphia, PA$6,794
  • Washington, DC$5,895
  • Atlanta, GA$5,334
  • Miami, FL$4,851
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$5,081
  • Minneapolis, MN$5,961
  • Chicago, IL$6,945
  • Houston, TX$7,164
  • San Antonio, TX$4,809
  • Austin, TX$5,445
  • Denver, CO$4,601
  • Phoenix, AZ$4,854
  • Las Vegas, NV$5,327
  • Los Angeles, CA$6,003
  • San Diego, CA$5,447
  • San Jose, CA$6,580
  • Seattle, WA$4,817

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: