How Much Does It Cost To Install A Smoke Detector?


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Smoke Detector Installation Costs

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Having smoke detectors in your home is essential. They help to keep your property safe by alerting everyone when there is smoke and potentially fire in the home. There are many different types of smoke detectors on the market today, including ionization detectors, dual detectors, and photoelectric detectors. The various options have different costs associated with them. The ionization smoke detectors are the most affordable, while the photoelectric smoke detectors are the most expensive. The dual detectors will be able to detect not only smoke but also carbon monoxide.

You can also choose between battery-powered smoke detectors and those that are hardwired into the home. The battery-powered options are very affordable, but they are not as reliable as those that have been hardwired. In some cases, the hardwired models will also include a backup battery in case the power is out.

Smoke detector installation: photoelectric detector.

Item/Service Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Detector $50 per unit 3 $150
Labor Cost $40 per unit 3 $120
Total Cost $90 per unit 3 $270

Other considerations and costs

  • The location of the smoke detectors can be a factor in the price, as well. If the person installing the smoke detectors needs to go up and down a ladder for the installations, it will increase the cost.
  • The ceiling material can also be a factor in the costs.
  • You will need to consider how many smoke detectors are needed for your home. When you need multiple, it will naturally increase the cost. You might be able to find some professionals who can provide you with a discount when you have multiple smoke detectors that need installation.
  • The location of the smoke detectors will be determined by the regulations of the municipality.
  • Smart smoke detector systems can even be linked to a smartphone to provide you with more ways to monitor the smoke detectors.
  • Those who are deaf or who are hard of hearing might want to look at smoke detectors that also have lights.

DIY considerations

  • For the installation of a simple battery-powered smoke detector that is attached to the ceiling by a bracket, DIY is fast and simple. Be sure to remember to replace the batteries regularly.
  • For those smoke detectors that need to be hardwired into the home’s electrical system, the installation is best left to the professionals.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$434
  • Bronx, NY$356
  • Brooklyn, NY$297
  • Philadelphia, PA$371
  • Washington, DC$322
  • Atlanta, GA$291
  • Miami, FL$265
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$277
  • Minneapolis, MN$325
  • Chicago, IL$379
  • Houston, TX$391
  • San Antonio, TX$262
  • Austin, TX$297
  • Denver, CO$251
  • Phoenix, AZ$265
  • Las Vegas, NV$291
  • Los Angeles, CA$327
  • San Diego, CA$297
  • San Jose, CA$359
  • Seattle, WA$263

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