How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Lawn Aeration Service?


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Lawn Aeration Costs

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Lawn aeration is a process that home and property owners can use to keep their grass or turf looking its very best. It is a tactic that a homeowner or lawn care expert may use when the soil is compacted to such a degree that oxygen, nutrients, and water cannot penetrate deeply enough to offer grasses what is needed for long-term health.

Additionally, those who reside in regions in which soil is typically heavy or “clay,” will find that lawn aeration is necessary on a regular or seasonal basis. There are many ways that lawn aeration can be done, but hiring experts is usually the smartest, most efficient choice as they know what is best for the conditions in a lawn of any size.

It requires prep work such as watering heavily, cleaning, and removing plugs. Then there is the machinery needed, and the process of seeding and fertilizing. Additionally, the process may need repeating in a single season or a regular basis.

Lawn aeration: professional may charge per hour sq.ft. or flat rate. Costs for a ⅕ of an acre.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Flat rate: some providers offer a flat rate on a quarter of an acre or less. $175 fee 1 $175
Square foot: charged at per thousand square feet. $15-$17 per 1,000 sq.ft. 8,712 $130.68-$148.10
Hourly $15-$32 per hour 4 $60-$128


Other considerations and costs

  • Some providers are happy to add additional services that are appropriate at the time aeration is done. For example, many yard services offer aeration by the flat rate, hourly or per thousand square feet, and also: lawn fertilizing averaging at $180, sprinkler installation averaging at $1,700, lawn mowing averaging at $15.
  • Taxes and permit fees are not included.

DIY considerations

  • It is possible to find many DIY options for aerating a lawn, any of which will require the use of lawn aeration equipment. This would mean renting an aerator (at a minimum of four hours for the average lawn), and costing roughly $45 to $90 for the project (and any deposits required).
  • If there is no truck large enough to hold the aerator, this too must be worked into the budget, with average costs roughly $25 to $40 per day, depending upon location.
  • Supplies for lawn aeration (in addition to the machinery) include seed for the “overseeding process” that follows up aeration and helps to break up clay or heavy soils by introducing new grassroots. It would also include fertilizers, and both are estimated to cost around $150 or more for the average lawn.
  • Buying an aerator is also an option for those living in areas where twice-annual aeration is required, and there are options that can be attached to lawnmowers as well as core aerators, both averaging around $200 or more.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$185
  • Bronx, NY$152
  • Brooklyn, NY$127
  • Philadelphia, PA$158
  • Washington, DC$137
  • Atlanta, GA$124
  • Miami, FL$113
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$118
  • Minneapolis, MN$138
  • Chicago, IL$161
  • Houston, TX$166
  • San Antonio, TX$112
  • Austin, TX$127
  • Denver, CO$107
  • Phoenix, AZ$113
  • Las Vegas, NV$124
  • Los Angeles, CA$139
  • San Diego, CA$127
  • San Jose, CA$153
  • Seattle, WA$112

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