How Much Does It Cost To Install A Geothermal Cooling Free Heat Pump?


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Geothermal Cooling Free Heat-Pump Costs

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A geothermal heat pump can provide heating and cooling for interior spaces, and for domestic water heating. Its operation depends on geothermal resources (water and ground temperature); and a ground-installed piping network; and in some cases pumping-access to large volumes of water.

The cooling free geothermal heat pump depends on large volumes of cold water (at less than 50ºF) to provide cooling capacity without supplemental energy. Heating capacity typically must be supplemented. Cooling free is most indicated where ground-water (or lake-water) temperature and volume are adequate.

You will find that the cost of an average geothermal cooling free heat pump installation varies by type of unit, its cooling and heating capacity, efficiency ratings, the extent of necessary ground-installations, special site conditions, and the labor rate.

In the following table the Labor Cost figure is what the able DIY person should expect to save by performing the corresponding tasks.

Geothermal cooling free heat pump: in a mild winter climate location, provide and install the complete system in a wood-frame single-story house of 2,800 square feet and in perfect state of preparation including compatible hydronic-distribution and available electric outlets. Include all related materials, supplies, transport, equipment, finish-trim, final adjustments, and clean-up.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Basic: install 5-ton cooling capacity to existing cold water supply of 15 GPM and hydronic distribution/fan-coil system and electrical circuit outlets. Include tubing, electrical, ducting modification, control wiring, thermostat, testing and balancing. $8,869 each 1 $8,869
Upgrade Moderate: additional to Basic, install equipment to additionally heat domestic water and provide 15 kW heating capacity. $1,962 each 1 $1,962
Upgrade Deluxe: additional to Moderate, install and connect vertical open-loop well to well system with pump and controls to supply 15 GPM at 30 feet head pressure. Sub-contract price including Labor. $131 per foot 30 $3,930
Material Cost $14,761 each 1 $14,761
+ Labor Cost (All scenarios) $42 per hour 24 $1,008
Total Cost $15,769 each 1 $15,769


Typical capacity unit conversions are:

1 Ton = 12,000 BTU/h = 3.5 kW = 4.6 BHP

Domestic heating and cooling capacity demand always depends upon regional climate zone conditions. In Phoenix (AZ) for example, 1 Ton of cooling capacity will cool about 500 square feet of living space (well insulated and sealed). In Minot (ND) it will cool about 650 square feet (or 30% more).

Heating capacity demand per square foot follows a similar but reversed regional pattern. In regions near the 49th parallel for example, each Ton of cooling capacity indicates the need for 3 to 4 Tons of heating capacity.

Other considerations and costs

  • Ground-installations cost will vary with soil and site conditions.
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling will save money, and in some cases rebates may be available.
  • For units of greater than 12,000 BTU/h (or 3.5 kilowatts, or 1 ton) a 240V or multi-phase electrical circuit is generally required.
  • For a sunny room, add 10% more cooling capacity than required for room size.
  • Add 600 BTU/h cooling per person if usually occupied by more than two persons.
  • For the kitchen, add 4,000 more BTU/h cooling than required for room size.
  • During the initial inspection the contractor should inform the homeowner of any and all necessary modification or upgrade on electrical circuits or building structure.
  • Labor cost will rise with a “hidden” installation in a finished environment.
  • These prices are for service in the immediate area of the provider.
  • Taxes and permit fees are not included.

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DIY considerations

  • This product is usually supplied and installed by a specialist service and may not be suitable for DIY.
  • Sheet metal duct, refrigeration piping, system testing, and temperature/pressure balancing all require special tools and skills.


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  • Latest prices found on Home Depot and other vendor Web sites.
  • Literature review of DIY Web sites.​              
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  • New York, NY$19,018
  • Bronx, NY$15,628
  • Brooklyn, NY$13,025
  • Philadelphia, PA$16,249
  • Washington, DC$14,100
  • Atlanta, GA$12,757
  • Miami, FL$11,602
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$12,154
  • Minneapolis, MN$14,257
  • Chicago, IL$16,612
  • Houston, TX$17,134
  • San Antonio, TX$11,502
  • Austin, TX$13,023
  • Denver, CO$11,003
  • Phoenix, AZ$11,609
  • Las Vegas, NV$12,742
  • Los Angeles, CA$14,357
  • San Diego, CA$13,028
  • San Jose, CA$15,737
  • Seattle, WA$11,521

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