How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Boiler?


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Repair Boiler Costs

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The household boiler may do nothing more than supply domestic hot water, but it might also be a part of the household heating system. This means that any instances in which a boiler malfunctions just cannot be ignored. And while regular maintenance and upkeep ensure it remains in good working condition, there are also many times when an unavoidable glitch occurs.

Though a boiler is easy to maintain and remarkably efficient, repairing one is not always the easiest thing to manage. This is why it pays to understand which factors impact the costs to repair a boiler and other considerations.

To begin to calculate the potential costs, it is important to know the type of boiler at work and the common issues that lead to trouble. The three main kinds of boilers are gas, oil and electric. And the cost of a repair will vary on the location of the boiler, whether there is pressure from any seasonal demands, what the precise nature of the problem might be, and the type.

Boiler repair: by type of boiler, labor included.

Item Cost
Electric boiler: run into the least amount of trouble. $300
Gas boiler: typically experiences trouble with leaks and with the water circulation pump or expansion tank. $250
Oil boiler: frequently experiences problems with fuel pipes, the heat exchanger or the burner nozzles. $100


Boiler repair: by type of issue, labor included.

Item Cost
Ignitor switch problem $250-$350
Faulty circulator $225-$425
Mineral deposits $75-$250
Faulty ductwork $225-$425
Faulty expansion tank $140-$380
Faulty pipes or valves $340-$1,000


Other considerations and costs

  • Sometimes it is better to replace rather than repair parts that are failing or worn out. After all, whether it is a valve, pipe, pump, or switch that requires the boiler repair, the costs may be the same or even less to have an expert install a new part rather than deal with an old, failed or faulty one.
  • Regular boiler cleanings and annual maintenance can help address many issues before they occur, and with the average cleaning at less than $300 and the average maintenance at less than $100, it is a wise investment.

DIY considerations

  • Boiler repairs are most certainly not for the DIY enthusiast. They are too significant and can create dangerous situations if not addressed properly. A licensed HVAC technician or boiler professional is the only person to trust with this sort of work.


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Cost by city

(Varies by type of problem)
  • New York, NY$803
  • Bronx, NY$660
  • Brooklyn, NY$550
  • Philadelphia, PA$686
  • Washington, DC$595
  • Atlanta, GA$539
  • Miami, FL$490
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$513
  • Minneapolis, MN$602
  • Chicago, IL$702
  • Houston, TX$724
  • San Antonio, TX$486
  • Austin, TX$550
  • Denver, CO$465
  • Phoenix, AZ$490
  • Las Vegas, NV$538
  • Los Angeles, CA$606
  • San Diego, CA$550
  • San Jose, CA$665
  • Seattle, WA$487

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