How Much is a Pint of Beer Around the World

Our latest visualization maps out the average price of a pint of beer (defined as 11.2 oz) in major cities across the globe. The data comes from a list compiled by The Wall Street Journal, which used the Beer Price Index from travel aggregator site OMIO (formerly Go Euro) to compare prices across different cities. For comparison purposes, foreign currencies were converted into USD. For our visualization, we used the average beer price at a bar rather than at a supermarket.

How Much is a Pint of Beer

Global Cities With the Most Expensive Pints of Beer

1. Hong Kong, China: $10.86
2. Geneva, Switzerland: $10.77
3. Tel Aviv, Israel: $9.53
4. New York, USA: $8.97
5. Miami, USA: $8.97

Global Cities With the Least Expensive Pints of Beer

1. Bratislava, Slovakia: $2.22
2. Delhi, India: $2.31
3. Kiev, Ukraine: $2.36
4. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: $2.58
5. Kraków, Poland: $2.70

In addition to highlighting beer prices, the visualization shows how much beer is consumed per capita. The larger the circle, the more beer the city’s residents drink. In general, people in major cities in Europe and North America consume more beer than people in Asian cities (with the exception of Ho Chi Minh City). Another overall trend is that cities with higher-priced beer (shown by the orange and pink outlines on the circles) tend to have lower amounts of per capita beer consumption compared to cities with cheaper beer (shown by the yellow and green outlines on the circles). It’s also worth noting that according to the Wall Street Journal data, the price of beer is liable to varying degrees of markups at bars. For example, the most expensive supermarket price of beer is $3.45 in Oslo, which is still significantly lower than most cities’ bar prices in the visualization.

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