How Much Does It Cost To Build A Yurt?


(30-foot yurt)
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Yurt Costs

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A yurt is a semi-permanent structure, and because of that, it comes with an entirely different set of construction costs than a traditional home. Yurts have become a popular way to create a living space in an alternative location, such as an area without easy access to utilities. It is usually without the infrastructure costs (plumbing, electric, and so on) of a regular house, too. However, you can build a permanent yurt, and the factors that affect yurt costs then align with traditional costs associated with home construction.

The difference is that a yurt uses far less building materials, alternative materials, innovative design and may even arrive as a kit. For example, a yurt supplier lists the standard features as lattice walls, rafters, center rings, doors, dome, tension cables, side covers, fabric windows, top cover, rain diverter, and so on. This is entirely different from a traditional home.

The factors that impact the total cost include the location, the difficulty in delivery of material or kit components, costs associated with the foundation (also called the platform), any infrastructure installed, and all of those additional options listed above.

Budget for a Yurt: 30-foot yurt, 700 sq.ft. of living space.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Cost
Materials $7.14-$42.86 700 $4,998-$30,002
Platform $4.29-$10 700 $3,003-$7,000
Labor Cost $4.29-$7.14 700 $3,003.$4,998
Total Cost $15.72-$60 700 $11,004-$42,000


Other considerations and costs

  • Prices do not reflect the costs for permits and local licensing.
  • Infrastructure may mean excavation and septic installation, running electrical supplies and systems, interior plumbing, and more. Those prices can vary widely based on an array of factors and must be tabulated into the final costs during planning stages.
  • Yurts may also feature glass windows, and additional elements such as flashing for stoves and pipes, awnings, insulation, heavier doors, different types of roofing, solar components, water management systems, and each will boost the cost of the yurt.

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DIY considerations

  • It rates as one of the most popular options for those eager to enjoy a straightforward DIY venture. The problem is that there may be a need for contractors in order to complete infrastructure processes.
  • A free-standing yurt is definitely a project with DIY potential. The costs will remain almost the same as those above as infrastructure is not included. Most will utilize a kit for a DIY option, looking at upgrades that reflect the needs of the structure’s locale, i.e. improved doors, insulation and so on.


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Cost by city

(30-foot yurt)
  • New York, NY$42,572
  • Bronx, NY$34,983
  • Brooklyn, NY$29,157
  • Philadelphia, PA$36,374
  • Washington, DC$31,563
  • Atlanta, GA$28,557
  • Miami, FL$25,972
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$27,206
  • Minneapolis, MN$31,916
  • Chicago, IL$37,186
  • Houston, TX$38,355
  • San Antonio, TX$25,747
  • Austin, TX$29,153
  • Denver, CO$24,631
  • Phoenix, AZ$25,987
  • Las Vegas, NV$28,523
  • Los Angeles, CA$32,138
  • San Diego, CA$29,164
  • San Jose, CA$35,227
  • Seattle, WA$25,790

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours:

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