How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Window Frame?


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Window Frame Repair Costs

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The windows of your home provide more than just a way for people to look out onto the street or their backyard. Therefore, you need to take good care of the windows. This includes more than just keeping them clean. You will also have to think about the window frames. They can be damaged by weather, accidents, age, and more.

Because window frames today are made from so many different types of materials, such as wood, aluminum, and vinyl, there are many different types of repairs that could be needed. The cost of different types of materials will affect the overall cost of the window frame repair.

Window frame repair: two 48”x48” windows with frames made from wood, as well as hardware replacement.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Wood materials $50 per window 2 $100
Hardware $10 per window 2 $20
Material Cost $60 per window 2 $120
Labor Cost $60 per hour 2 $120
Total Cost $120 per window 2 $240


Other considerations and costs

  • It will generally be more expensive to repair window frames of windows that have unusual shapes or sizes.
  • The overall number of windows that will need to have their frames repaired directly affects the cost.
  • When having a frame repaired, make sure that the appearance is the same as the other windows in the house. You may need to repaint all of the frames to make sure they match.
  • In some cases, the best option would be to replace the window frames rather than repair them.

DIY considerations

  • Basic repairs can be handled on your own, such as painting the window frame. You could also replace the hardware on the window, such as hinges for a window that swings open.
  • If there is severe damage to the window frame, it might require more than just a simple repair and should be left to the professionals.
  • If the home was built before 1978 and still has the same window frames, there is a chance that lead can be in the paint, which should be removed by a professional.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$386 
  • Bronx, NY$317 
  • Brooklyn, NY$264 
  • Philadelphia, PA$329 
  • Washington, DC$286 
  • Atlanta, GA$259 
  • Miami, FL$235 
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$246 
  • Minneapolis, MN$289 
  • Chicago, IL$337 
  • Houston, TX$347 
  • San Antonio, TX$233 
  • Austin, TX$264 
  • Denver, CO$223 
  • Phoenix, AZ$235 
  • Las Vegas, NV$258 
  • Los Angeles, CA$291 
  • San Diego, CA$264 
  • San Jose, CA$319 
  • Seattle, WA$234 

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