How Much Does It Cost To Hire Window Cleaning Services?


(for 22 windows)
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Window Cleaning Costs

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The cost of hiring professional window cleaning services varies across the nation, with local labor rates affecting project prices. The quantity, size, and type of windows that you have will also impact professional cleaning costs. There are other extenuating circumstances and factors that could affect cleaning rates, as well.

Window cleaners generally charge by the hour, but there are some that may charge per window. Screens are usually an additional charge, as are multi-pane, stained glass, or other specialty windows. Cleaning windows in new construction is usually a more laborious process, so this could increase the cost and time involved, as well.

Window cleaning services: hourly and per-window rates, as well as other cost variables and additional charges. Materials and cleaning supplies are included in these cost estimates.

Item Cost
Window cleaning. hourly. $65-$75 per hour
Window cleaning: unit rate. $6-$8 per window
Cleaning of tracks: optional. $1-$2 per window
Screen cleaning: optional. $2-$4 per screen
Pane rates: for windows with multiple small panes that will require more time and effort. $1.25-$2.00 per pane


House window cleaning: 22 exterior windows.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Window cleaning: unit rate. $6-$8 per window 22 $132-$176
Cleaning of tracks: optional. $1-$2 per window 22 $22-$44
Screen cleaning: optional. $2-$4 per screen 22 $44-$88
Total Cost $6-$14 per window 22 $132-$308


Other considerations and costs

  • If you want to cut your costs and still use professionals, ask your neighbors about getting their windows cleaned. A lot of companies will give people discounts when they do multiple houses in the same neighborhood or community because it saves them time and travel costs.
  • Most cleaning services will provide a free estimate of what it would cost to clean your windows. If someone asks you to pay for an estimate, check out your other options first because this is very rare.
  • First- and second-story windows are the same rate, but if you have more than two floors, it will cost as much as $5 more per window for each additional floor. This is largely due to safety risks and the equipment needed (scaffolding vs. ladders, etc.).

DIY considerations

  • Window cleaning is something that anyone can do, provided that the nature and height of the windows aren’t dangerous, such as in the case of cleaning skylights or second-story windows on a basic home-use ladder.
  • Window cleaning kits are available at home improvement retailers, starting around $65-$75 with all of the equipment that you need to clean your own windows. Brushes, towels, and squeegees are included.
  • Modern technology has developed robotic window cleaners that you can purchase to clean your windows. These suction to the glass so they will only clean the panes, and they cost a few hundred dollars, depending on the model.


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How much does it cost to hire window cleaning services in your city?
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Cost by city

(for 22 windows)
  • New York, NY$353
  • Bronx, NY$290
  • Brooklyn, NY$242
  • Philadelphia, PA$302
  • Washington, DC$262
  • Atlanta, GA$237
  • Miami, FL$216
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$226
  • Minneapolis, MN$265
  • Chicago, IL$309
  • Houston, TX$318
  • San Antonio, TX$214
  • Austin, TX$242
  • Denver, CO$204
  • Phoenix, AZ$216
  • Las Vegas, NV$237
  • Los Angeles, CA$267
  • San Diego, CA$242
  • San Jose, CA$292
  • Seattle, WA$214

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: