How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Wall Mural?


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Paint Wall Mural Costs

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Painting a wall mural is a great way to improve the design of any home. Murals are ideal for themed rooms or to add a unique touch or accent wall, and can vary in cost based on their exact shape and size. The complexity of the mural will also affect its cost, which is usually charged on a per-square-foot basis.

The cost to paint a wall mural may also involve a travel fee, depending on who you hire to paint the piece. Many artists also charge a minimum project fee to make the work worth their effort. All of these will factor into how much you pay for a pre-made or custom wall mural in your home.

Wall mural painting: by provider type, based on hourly rates that include all labor and materials.

Item Unit Cost
Basic mural artist $45-$60 per hour
Master mural artist: for more complex designs. $80-$150 per hour
Expert Tromp L’eoil mural artist $90-$100 per hour


Other considerations and costs

  • Pre-made mural designs and simple murals are going to be cheaper to have painted in your home. A basic 4x8 foot mural might cost a fraction of a smaller, 2x3 foot mural that has a lot of intricate details, for example.
  • Some artists charge day rates instead of hourly rates and will quote their time frame estimate and costs based on how many days the mural will take to complete.
  • If the surface is porous or difficult to work with, such as in the case of wood or stucco, you may pay a premium for additional labor and materials to achieve the desired result.
  • Outdoor murals cost more than indoor murals generally, simply due to the higher cost of exterior paint and other materials.
  • If there is a lot of repair or prep work involved in your project, you may want to hire a house painter to prep the surface because they will charge far less than a mural artist.

DIY considerations

  • If you are an artistic person, you can buy your own paint and materials to paint your own mural. It’s best to stencil or draw it out by hand with a pencil prior to painting.
  • Consider prepping the walls that you are having painted on your own. Then you are only paying for prep materials. Minor drywall repairs, sanding, and cleaning are fairly simple tasks for just about anyone.


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Cost by city

(per hour)
  • New York, NY$72-$241
  • Bronx, NY$59-$198
  • Brooklyn, NY$50-$165
  • Philadelphia, PA$62-$206
  • Washington, DC$54-$179
  • Atlanta, GA$48-$162
  • Miami, FL$44-$147
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$46-$154
  • Minneapolis, MN$54-$181
  • Chicago, IL$63-$210
  • Houston, TX$65-$217
  • San Antonio, TX$44-$146
  • Austin, TX$50-$165
  • Denver, CO$42-$139
  • Phoenix, AZ$44-$147
  • Las Vegas, NV$48-$161
  • Los Angeles, CA$55-$182
  • San Diego, CA$50-$165
  • San Jose, CA$60-$199
  • Seattle, WA$44-$146

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: