How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Tv?


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TV Repair Costs

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Modern TVs have gotten fairly expensive. That is why some people seek out TV repairs rather than just replacing their damaged or defective model. Some issues will not be fixable, so that is important to keep in mind. Experts tell consumers that if a TV is smaller than 32 inches, it is cheaper to replace than repair.

This is because the biggest problem involves a bad capacitor, which is responsible for holding and supplying power to the TV, and which costs as much as a smaller TV to replace. When you add in labor, travel time, and other expenses, it may not be worth spending the money. In some cases, however, TV repairs are the preferred (and most effective solution).

Tv repair: by problem type.

Item Unit Cost
Capacitor replacement $100-$200
Circuit board replacement $25-$150
Light engine and bulb replacement $275
Speaker/Sound repairs $175-$200
Screen repair/replacement $200
Pickup and delivery $40-$60
Total Cost $65-$335


Other considerations and costs

  • Major electronics retailers offer TV repair services, including in-store repairs for TVs below 42 inches and in-home repairs for select customers and TV sizes. This may be a good way to find reputable repair assistance when you don’t know who to call.
  • Always check your warranty and extended protection plan before you pay for TV repair. If it’s been less than 3 years, you might still have some kind of warranty in place that will cover a repair or replacement. Of course, this also depends on the problem you are experiencing.
  • TVs have multiple circuit boards. If too many go bad, it might warrant a replacement. However, sometimes, you can also upgrade the circuit boards to newer models that will allow you to preserve your television.
  • Some companies take TVs for repair, rather than doing the work in your home. In this case, they may charge an additional fee for pickup and delivery. You can circumvent this by taking your TV in yourself or choosing a service that will come to you.

DIY considerations

  • It is never a good idea to attempt TV repairs on your own. Modern TVs have a lot of working parts and function more like computers and require a trained specialist for the best results.
  • Compare the cost of repair to the age of the television. If your TV is more than five years old and the repair costs more than $200, it might be better to replace. The exception here is when you have a larger or more expensive television. Then, the repair versus replace threshold might be higher.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$321
  • Bronx, NY$264
  • Brooklyn, NY$220
  • Philadelphia, PA$274
  • Washington, DC$238
  • Atlanta, GA$216
  • Miami, FL$196
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$205
  • Minneapolis, MN$241
  • Chicago, IL$281
  • Houston, TX$289
  • San Antonio, TX$194
  • Austin, TX$220
  • Denver, CO$186
  • Phoenix, AZ$196
  • Las Vegas, NV$215
  • Los Angeles, CA$243
  • San Diego, CA$220
  • San Jose, CA$266
  • Seattle, WA$195

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