How Much Does It Cost To Install A Tv Mount?


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TV Mount Installation Costs

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Whether you are putting up a new TV in your living room, the kitchen, a bedroom, the basement, at a business you own, or just about anywhere else, you will want to make sure it is adequately secured. After all, you do not want to worry about your expensive television falling off of the wall and breaking or injuring someone.

The type of mount that you choose, as well as the professional labor that you hire to do the work, will impact your total project costs. The size and weight of the TV being mounted will determine what size mount you need. There are also mounts designed for wall, ceiling, or TV stand installation, as well as optional tilting and moving mounts, or traditional stationary mounts. You might also want to think about some other upgrades, such as kits that can help to conceal wires to provide a cleaner look.

TV mount installation: mid-range TV wall mount, professionally installed.

Item Unit Cost
Wall mount unit $60-$200
Additional hardware and supplies $20-$50
Labor Cost $150-$250
Total Cost $230-$500

Other considerations and costs

  • Many factors will affect the price of the TV mount and installation, including the size of the television. It is essential to choose a mount that is large enough and strong enough to handle the weight and size of the TV.
  • Taxes not included.
  • If you buy a TV mount from a retailer, be sure to check their provided installation services at the time of purchase. They often include discounted installation rates or other deals for buying their products and may be cheaper than outsourcing the labor.
  • If you have a larger TV or a more complex mount, the installation labor costs will increase. Be sure to consult with your installation technician regarding the exact size and style of mount when getting estimates.

DIY considerations

  • This can be a DIY project for someone with the right tools. However, making sure that the TV is secure is essential and improper mounting could cause thousands of dollars in damage, so it isn’t for the novice handyman.
  • Make sure that the wall is capable of holding up the television before mounting it.
  • If you do attempt your own TV mount installation, be sure to have another person help to mount the television to eliminate the risk of dropping it and damaging it.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$586
  • Bronx, NY$482
  • Brooklyn, NY$402
  • Philadelphia, PA$501
  • Washington, DC$435
  • Atlanta, GA$393
  • Miami, FL$358
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$375
  • Minneapolis, MN$440
  • Chicago, IL$512
  • Houston, TX$528
  • San Antonio, TX$355
  • Austin, TX$402
  • Denver, CO$339
  • Phoenix, AZ$358
  • Las Vegas, NV$393
  • Los Angeles, CA$443
  • San Diego, CA$402
  • San Jose, CA$485
  • Seattle, WA$355

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