How Much Does It Cost To Install A Swimming Pool Water Filter?


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Swimming Pool Water Filter Costs

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Installing and/or replacing your swimming pool water filter depends on a number of different factors. The size and type of your pool, as well as your maintenance preferences, budget, and desired filtration quality will all affect your decision as to which filter to purchase. The filter that you choose will subsequently impact the installation costs because some filters require more complex installation procedures than others.

When having your pool filter professionally installed, you will need to pay labor costs, as well as cover all job materials and supplies. Depending on the type of pool and filter being installed, your supply and material costs could vary. Below is a table that covers the average cost of swimming pool water filter installation, including all materials, labor, and other expenses.

Item Cost
Pool filter $250-$400
Job supplies: surfacing materials, minor components, connection fittings, etc. $1,300-$1,800
Labor Costs: (1 hour) $35-$50
Total Cost $1,585-$2,250


Other considerations and costs

  • This estimate is for a residential-grade, mid-range pool filter unit with easy connect fittings. Higher-end and specialty filtration systems will add to your project cost if you choose to invest in a more expensive filter system.
  • You can also invest in a pre-filter and an automated cleaner to help extend the life of your water filtration unit or to allow you to invest in a less expensive filtration system.
  • Sand filters, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth filters are available for pool systems, and each offers its own benefits for various sizes and types of pools. It's best to hire a professional and buy your filtration system from a specialty pool store so that you can ensure that you get the right product for your pool.&
  • Use an online calculator to determine how much filtration your pool needs. That will help you determine what size and type of filtration system to buy. You can do the math by hand if you want, but that’s really not necessary when online calculators are available.

DIY considerations

  • If you choose a simple plug-and-play filter that requires basic installation, you may be able to save a few bucks by doing the work yourself. However, when you consider that labor costs are minimal, it’s almost worth it to leave it to the professionals.
  • Some pool filtration systems are complicated and require an experienced professional. If you have an in-ground pool or want a more high-end filtration system, you should request a professional estimate to see what the best options are.
  • Cleaning your pool regularly can help extend the life of your filtration system and reduce your maintenance costs, making it worth the investment to have a professional install your filter in the first place.


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  • New York, NY$3,052
  • Bronx, NY$2,508
  • Brooklyn, NY$2,090
  • Philadelphia, PA$2,608
  • Washington, DC$2,263
  • Atlanta, GA$2,047
  • Miami, FL$1,862
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$1,950
  • Minneapolis, MN$2,288
  • Chicago, IL$2,666
  • Houston, TX$2,750
  • San Antonio, TX$1,846
  • Austin, TX$2,090
  • Denver, CO$1,766
  • Phoenix, AZ$1,863
  • Las Vegas, NV$2,045
  • Los Angeles, CA$2,304
  • San Diego, CA$2,091
  • San Jose, CA$2,526
  • Seattle, WA$1,849

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