How Much Does It Cost To Install A Stairlift?


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Stairlift Installation Costs

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A stairlift is a great mobility feature to add to any home for someone with limited mobility. These lifts are available in multiple sizes and designs and can be installed on most existing staircases with little demolition or remodeling required. The cost of a stairlift installation depends on a number of factors, including the type of lift or chair chosen and the nature of the stairs where the lift will be installed.

Some stairlifts are available with comfort or convenience features, which will increase the price for many models. The location of the lift and how customized your final product is will also impact how much this project costs.;

Stairlift installation: by chair type/style, including labor costs, optional features, and special considerations.

Item Total Cost
Standard chairlift model $2,000-$5,000
High-end stairlift model $5,000-$7,500
Standing stairlifts: for those with difficulty sitting $3,000-$5,000
Outdoor stairlift model $5,000
Curved stairlift: custom $10,000
Heavy-duty stairlift: for a weight limit above the standard 200-300 pound models $4,000
Labor Cost $2,000-$3,000
Total Cost $4,000-$13,000

Other considerations and costs

  • If you choose to add optional features, such as lift-up arm and footrests, tilting seats, speed control, or fold-up rails, you will pay a premium price for a higher-end model.
  • Staircases over 14 steps will require additional rail length beyond what is “standard”, so additional costs will be incurred.
  • If there is not an outlet available at the top or bottom of your stairs, you will need to have one installed. An electrician can usually do this in one to two hours and will charge an hourly rate for their work.
  • Some installers will include a warranty with their installation. It is typically a one-year service warranty, but be sure to ask if they offer something.
  • There are some situations where a stairlift will be a temporary fixture. In those instances, it may prove too expensive to permanently install one, not to mention unnecessary. You can rent a chairlift instead, which will cost you a fraction of installing your own. The temporary installation is also designed to fit into your existing staircase, so no demolition or reconstruction is needed.

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DIY considerations

  • While there are products on the market that claim to offer DIY installation, something like a stairlift needs to be installed by a qualified professional. These are complex machines and require a skilled hand. Plus, when the unit is not installed correctly, someone’s safety is at risk.
  • You may be able to find a better price on a stairlift by purchasing one separate from the company that installs it. This is not always the case, but it might save some money to shop around.


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How much does it cost to install a stairlift in your city?
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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$13,654
  • Bronx, NY$11,220
  • Brooklyn, NY$9,351
  • Philadelphia, PA$11,666
  • Washington, DC$10,123
  • Atlanta, GA$9,159
  • Miami, FL$8,330
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$8,726
  • Minneapolis, MN$10,236
  • Chicago, IL$11,927
  • Houston, TX$12,302
  • San Antonio, TX$8,258
  • Austin, TX$9,350
  • Denver, CO$7,900
  • Phoenix, AZ$8,335
  • Las Vegas, NV$9,148
  • Los Angeles, CA$10,308
  • San Diego, CA$9,354
  • San Jose, CA$11,298
  • Seattle, WA$8,272

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: