How Much Does It Cost To Install A Solar Panel System?


(3kW solar panel system)
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Solar Panel Installation Costs

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Solar panel installation costs vary significantly from one region to another. Other elements, including the number of solar panels or the total wattage needed, will also affect the price. A typical residential solar system measures between three and eight kilowatts (kW) and the amount of wattage that you will need depends on the size of your home.

Another alternative is to install a partial solar generation system. For those on a budget, the whole-house installation might be prohibitive. By installing a smaller system, more people have access to solar energy for the home. There is also a federal solar tax credit available that can cut as much as 30% of your installation costs.

Solar panel installation: by popular wattage ratings, including installation labor and all materials and prior to application of any available tax credits:

Item Cost
3 kW Solar Panel System $8,900
5 kW Solar Panel System $14,900
7 kW Solar Panel System $20,800
10 kW Solar Panel System $29,800

Other considerations and costs

  • In addition to the federal tax credit, there may be local or regional credits available from your energy supplier or other sources. Be sure to inquire about available discounts and incentive programs to save money on solar panel installation.
  • While you may only pay a small price for solar panels themselves, you also have to account for an inverter, solar batteries, and other required parts of a full solar energy system. This is all factored into the estimate above.
  • This estimate does not include taxes and permits. Permits may be required for the installation of a solar energy system in some areas.;
  • The difficulty of installation and available space for solar panels will affect the total installation costs due to access and system design.
  • Keep in mind that while you will have to pay for installation labor, a solar panel system will create long-term energy savings and practically eliminate your dependence on supplied electricity to your home.

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DIY considerations

  • While it might seem “easy enough”, a solar panel installation is not a DIY project. This requires extensive knowledge of setting up solar energy, using power inverters, and installing large panels on your roof, which is best left to the professionals.
  • Shop around for solar panels to get the best pricing on materials. That way, you can save on the job even if you can’t do it yourself. Plus, you can usually find cheaper materials that are still worth the money online and at local home improvement stores.


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Cost by city

(3kW solar panel system)
  • New York, NY$14,297
  • Bronx, NY$11,748
  • Brooklyn, NY$9,791
  • Philadelphia, PA$12,215
  • Washington, DC$10,600
  • Atlanta, GA$9,590
  • Miami, FL$8,722
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$9,136
  • Minneapolis, MN$10,718
  • Chicago, IL$12,488
  • Houston, TX$12,880
  • San Antonio, TX$8,646
  • Austin, TX$9,790
  • Denver, CO$8,272
  • Phoenix, AZ$8,727
  • Las Vegas, NV$9,579
  • Los Angeles, CA$10,793
  • San Diego, CA$9,794
  • San Jose, CA$11,830
  • Seattle, WA$8,661

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: