How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Sidewalk?


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Repair Sidewalk Costs

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If you have a sidewalk that leads up to the house or that is in front of the house, it is often the responsibility of the homeowner to keep it in good repair. Whether the sidewalk has some small cracks in it, large cracks, or part of it has broken away, it is vital to take care of the repairs soon. Not only are the cracked and broken spots on the sidewalk unsightly, but they can also prove dangerous to anyone walking on the sidewalk.

The sidewalk could need repair due to many different problems. Those who live in areas where it freezes might find that large cracks form when water gets into the smaller cracks and crevices and then freezes. Time can also wear down a sidewalk over the years. Roots that come from trees in your yard could also cause damage to the sidewalk. Eventually, most sidewalks will need to have some repair.

When you are considering how much you will have to pay for the repair of the sidewalk, one of the most important things to first determine is just what will need to be repaired. Small or even medium-sized cracks will be easier and cheaper to repair than large cracks or whole areas of the sidewalk that need replacement. You also have to consider whether the sidewalk will need to have curbing repaired, as this can add to the overall cost.

Repair sidewalk: 60 sq.ft. area, labor and materials included.

Type of Repair Cost Total Cost
Small cracks and simple repairs (40 square feet) $5 per square foot $200
Larger sidewalk repairs (20 square feet) $15 per square foot $300
Total Cost   $500

Other considerations and costs

  • The size of the project is a huge factor in the cost.
  • Proper preparation of the cracks is necessary before the repairs begin.
  • Budget for the removal of any preexisting concrete that might need to be removed. This is required when part of the current sidewalk needs to be removed and remade to facilitate proper repair.
  • Taxes not included in the costs.

DIY considerations

  • DIY repair of cracks is possible, but it takes some knowledge and the right tools, such as a concrete filler, work gloves, hammer, and eye protection.
  • If the sidewalk needs large repairs or if it needs to be removed and new concrete installed, it might be better to have a professional who can help to take care of the repairs.
  • Sidewalks tend to dry quickly, so be sure to complete the work in a timely fashion.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$803
  • Bronx, NY$660
  • Brooklyn, NY$550
  • Philadelphia, PA$686
  • Washington, DC$595
  • Atlanta, GA$539
  • Miami, FL$490
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$513
  • Minneapolis, MN$602
  • Chicago, IL$702
  • Houston, TX$724
  • San Antonio, TX$486
  • Austin, TX$550
  • Denver, CO$465
  • Phoenix, AZ$490
  • Las Vegas, NV$538
  • Los Angeles, CA$606
  • San Diego, CA$550
  • San Jose, CA$665
  • Seattle, WA$487

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