How Much Does It Cost To Install A Shower Door?


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Shower Door Installation Costs

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A shower door may or may not be an original component in a bathroom, and installing one may be a simple way for a homeowner to eliminate the mess and constant cleaning that is part of using a shower with only a curtain to catch drips and prevent water from escaping. Installing or re-installing a shower door will vary in price based on the type of door, the style of the shower and/or tub combination, and the general complexity of the task.

Shower door installation: by door type.

Item Unit Cost Labor Total Cost
Swing door $400-$700 $625 $1,025-$1,325
Frameless door $300-$3,000 $625 $925-$3,625
Semi-frameless door $200-$500 $625 $825-$1,125
Framed door $200-$2,000 $625 $825-$2,625
Custom $300-$3,000 $625 $925-$3,625
Bathtub door $600 $625 $1,225


Other considerations and costs

  • Costs for a shower door installation will also vary based on the materials used for the framing and what sort of glass is put to use, too.
  • Shower screens, which are fixed panels that do not open or close, but which may be required as part of the process of replacing or installing a shower door will cost from $100-$300. There are also shower glass panels or walls, and they are more of an enclosure than a single panel and will cost at least $700 or much more.
  • Custom, curved and frameless doors are the most difficult and the most expensive to install and may demand specialty tools for a safe and proper installation.
  • Tubs or showers in bad condition may need to be fully replaced or repaired before a shower door installation can begin.
  • A single shower door with a pivot rather than sliding design is the least expensive and the easiest for a professional to install.
  • The fees above do not take the removal of the old shower door into consideration. A homeowner will want to pay their installer to do this part of the process, too, taking out and disposing of the oversized panel. This is something that typically runs less than $100 in total, but it may cost more if the shower enclosure has two walls and is a sliding door.

DIY considerations

  • There are too many factors to safe and durable installation, and at the very least a flawed approach can lead to leaking. At worst, it could mean a door breaks or fails to remain safely in place. While labor costs can be high for a shower door installation, it is well worth the investment and there is a good ROI in a shower with a rigid door rather than a typical curtain.


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Cost by city

(Varies by type of door)
  • New York, NY$3,534
  • Bronx, NY$2,904
  • Brooklyn, NY$2,420
  • Philadelphia, PA$3,019
  • Washington, DC$2,620
  • Atlanta, GA$2,371
  • Miami, FL$2,156
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$2,258
  • Minneapolis, MN$2,649
  • Chicago, IL$3,087
  • Houston, TX$3,184
  • San Antonio, TX$2,137
  • Austin, TX$2,420
  • Denver, CO$2,045
  • Phoenix, AZ$2,157
  • Las Vegas, NV$2,368
  • Los Angeles, CA$2,668
  • San Diego, CA$2,421
  • San Jose, CA$2,924
  • Seattle, WA$2,141

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: