How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Rug?


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Rug Cleaning Costs

Anyone who has ever invested in a good rug or wall to wall carpeting knows it is a costly choice in home design and décor. When something happens to make it necessary to clean a rug formally, it can be surprising to discover the many options. Of course, there is also a need for rug cleaning during regular home maintenance and care, and many rug makers recommend at least once the annual cleaning of a rug to retain its good looks and protect its performance.

Before digging into what is involved, it is essential to note that not all rugs are the same. There are durable rugs made of modern materials and which can withstand any sort of treatment. There are also more fragile rugs that may be better suited to professional cleaning. Persian rugs, as an example, should not be exposed to at-home cleaning techniques like those described here. Off-site rug cleaning treatments work only with the kinds of carpets that can be rolled and transported. On-site is suited to modern carpets as well as wall-to-wall installations.

Synthetic materials are best suited to deep machine cleaning, and prices are going to increase noticeably as you move towards natural fibers like wool, silk, or even cotton. Typically, they boost the overall cost by around 20% or more, while antiques are going to be as close as double the price, which is why sending them to experts makes more sense. The size of a rug also plays a part in how costly it is to clean it, as prices are based on square footage.

Rug cleaning: 10’x12’ rug, no specialty cleaning requirements, pickup and delivery service.

Item Unit Cost Total Cost
Professional rug cleaning (includes vacuum, steam clean, and dry) $2-$5 per sq.ft. $240-$600
Pickup or delivery of delicate rugs $25-$50 each $25-$50
Total Cost   $265-$650

Other considerations and costs

  • There are options for stain removal with most professional cleaning services, and they may call them spot cleaning services, but incorporate both stain and odor removal. This generally costs around $1-$3 per square foot.
  • Sealant coatings can be applied to modern synthetic rugs, but never to antiques and handmade rugs. These can prevent staining and some damages, and costs around $0.25 per square foot.
  • Pest elimination is a good choice for antiques or natural fiber rugs, and this service usually costs around $50 for the application.
  • Damage repair is an option but can boost total costs by $150 to $250.
  • Maintenance services can allow you to save a tremendous amount on your annual cleanings.

DIY considerations

  • You can rent a rug cleaning system and do it yourself, but it is usually going to result in a less effective cleansing treatment. Having experts, warrantees on the service, and skilled professionals handle costly rugs is far better!


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$723
  • Bronx, NY$594
  • Brooklyn, NY$495
  • Philadelphia, PA$618
  • Washington, DC$536
  • Atlanta, GA$485
  • Miami, FL$441
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$462
  • Minneapolis, MN$542
  • Chicago, IL$631
  • Houston, TX$651
  • San Antonio, TX$437
  • Austin, TX$495
  • Denver, CO$418
  • Phoenix, AZ$441
  • Las Vegas, NV$484
  • Los Angeles, CA$546
  • San Diego, CA$495
  • San Jose, CA$598
  • Seattle, WA$438

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