How Much Does It Cost To Test For Radon?


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Radon Testing Costs

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Among the different tests for hazardous home materials, you will find radon testing. While millions of homeowners will run tests in order to comply with some sort of code issue or because of a requirement by a lender prior to funding a mortgage, just as many opt to run tests for hazardous materials in order to be sure of safety throughout the home.

Several factors can influence the cost of testing, including the size of the home and its overall design and structure (some homes are larger or have walls that impeded accurate sampling with a single test kit), the region (some areas are prone to higher amounts of naturally occurring radon), and even the devices used to test as some use digital versus more outdated collection kits.

Budget for Radon Testing: 1,500 sq.ft. home.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Radon testing: enters through the ground. 72 hours of air sampling in two locations. $141 fee 1 $141


Other considerations and costs

  • The cost of testing may also have to include travel expenses for the professionals conducting the test.
  • Bundling several hazardous household materials into a single test kit is a good way to obtain a discount on the entire issue.
  • Any testing done should be to EPA approved standards and the individuals running the test should also be certified professionals with a long track record of conducting such tests.
  • There are several ways that tests can be done, with the two most commonly known as short term (left in place for at least two days), and long term that are further divided into active and passive. The active test uses sensors and monitors around the house, and the passive test sits for 91 days (and up to 365) to complete its cycle.
  • Expert testing may also include a water sample to test for radon.

DIY considerations

  • Because radon testing, as well as all other hazardous materials testing, must be done by certified professionals, it is not suited to the DIY theater. Paying for multiple tests can ensure you get the best deal and keep your home healthy and safe.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$226
  • Bronx, NY$186
  • Brooklyn, NY$155
  • Philadelphia, PA$194
  • Washington, DC$168
  • Atlanta, GA$152
  • Miami, FL$138
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$145
  • Minneapolis, MN$170
  • Chicago, IL$198
  • Houston, TX$204
  • San Antonio, TX$137
  • Austin, TX$155
  • Denver, CO$131
  • Phoenix, AZ$138
  • Las Vegas, NV$152
  • Los Angeles, CA$171
  • San Diego, CA$155
  • San Jose, CA$187
  • Seattle, WA$137

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