How Much Does It Cost To Build A Porch?


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Porch Addition Costs

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Porches are a great outdoor space to add to any home. The cost to build a porch will depend on the design, location, and whether it is being added on to an existing home or built as a part of new construction.

Building a porch addition is calculated by square footage. Even labor rates will be charged by the square foot rather than by the hour. Some projects or contractors will have a flat-rate budget for your porch construction. It all depends on where you live and which companies you work with. There are also multiple parts to a porch that have to be considered in creating your cost estimate.

Finally, you have your choice of different styles of porches, including the Florida room, screened porch (also called a sunroom), rain porch, portico (small front door porch), veranda, lanai, stoop, wraparound porch, and prefabricated porches that come in prebuilt sections.

Porch addition: 16’x20’, foundation, walls, columns or railings, windows and doors, screens, a roof or awning, and required labor, as well as other materials.

Item Cost
Labor $20-$40 per square foot
Demolition and debris removal $4-$15 per square foot
Walls (optional)- brick, stone, siding, wood, or composite materials $4-$15 per square foot
Columns $120-$2,000 each
Railings $150-$5,000 per 10-foot section
Foundation $5-$8 per square foot
Deck/Floor $6-$10 per square foot
Screens $4-$7 per square foot
Porch Roof-aluminum or wood $500-$10,000
Average Total Porch Addition Cost $22,000-$50,000

Other considerations and costs

  • Many people choose to add accessories like ceiling fans, lights, electrical outlets, and other features. These will all add to the cost of your porch addition.
  • Before you plan any addition, you need to make sure that your homeowner’s insurance is going to cover the new space and whether or not your premiums will go up as a result of adding on. Policies are sometimes based on square footage, and your insurance provider will want to make sure that the work is done properly and to code.

Check out our guide if you need a loan for your home improvement project.

DIY considerations

  • You may be able to assist with demolition, cleanup, finishing details, or other aspects of your porch addition to help reduce your labor costs. You may even be able to provide your own (cheaper or more desirable) materials. However, you need to leave this project in the hands of a qualified contractor to get the best outcome.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$57,829
  • Bronx, NY$47,520
  • Brooklyn, NY$39,606
  • Philadelphia, PA$49,409
  • Washington, DC$42,875
  • Atlanta, GA$38,791
  • Miami, FL$35,280
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$36,956
  • Minneapolis, MN$43,354
  • Chicago, IL$50,512
  • Houston, TX$52,101
  • San Antonio, TX$34,974
  • Austin, TX$39,601
  • Denver, CO$33,459
  • Phoenix, AZ$35,301
  • Las Vegas, NV$38,745
  • Los Angeles, CA$43,656
  • San Diego, CA$39,616
  • San Jose, CA$47,852
  • Seattle, WA$35,033

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: