How Much Does It Cost To Apply Plaster?


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Apply Plaster Costs

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Plaster is one of the most common materials needed for interior finishing. Once the drywall has been hung, plaster is used to smooth the surface and create a finished, even look. Sometimes, plaster can be applied to add texture to the walls before painting. Regardless, there are a number of variables that affect the cost of plaster application.

Plaster application is generally charged by the square foot, rather than by the hour. Many professionals will include all of their materials and hourly labor costs to provide a single, easy-to-understand estimate.

Plaster application: by material and type of application.

Item Material Cost Labor Cost
Plaster: new application $2-$10 per sq.ft $2-5 per sq.ft.
Plaster: refinishing $10 per sq.ft. $4-$10 per sq.ft.
Cement: durable, easy to work with $4-$5 per sq.ft. $4-$7 per sq.ft.
Gypsum: easy install, good insulation $2-$5 per sq.ft. $2-$6 per sq.ft.
Lime: flexible, porous, requires an expert for installation $5-$6 per sq.ft. $5-$10 per sq.ft.


Plaster application: 100 sq.ft. surface, cement plaster, new application.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line cost
Material $4-$5 per sq.ft. 100 $400-$500
Labor $2-$6 per sq.ft. 100 $200-$600
Total Cost $6-$11 per sq.ft. 100 $600-$1,100


Other considerations and costs

  • The cost estimates above do not include prepping the surface for plastering or removal of existing plaster, except in the refinishing estimate. This is what makes refinishing so much more expensive than a new plaster application. There is much more work involved.
  • If your home was built before 1978, you might need lead or asbestos testing when replacing or refinishing plaster and breaking into walls in the home. Testing isn’t very expensive, but if lead or asbestos are found, the abatement (removal) process can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

DIY considerations

  • Those who have basic handy skills can often handle small plaster repairs and applications. Plastering or refinishing an entire house, however, may require the assistance of a professional crew that has the means, materials, and time to get the job done.
  • If you want to provide your own materials, you can often save a little more when compared to letting your plasterer provide them.
  • If you do decide to perform your own plaster application, you will need to account for the tools and equipment needed, including breathing apparatuses, for a safe and proper application.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$1,365
  • Bronx, NY$1,122
  • Brooklyn, NY$935
  • Philadelphia, PA$1,167
  • Washington, DC$1,012
  • Atlanta, GA$916
  • Miami, FL$833
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$873
  • Minneapolis, MN$1,024
  • Chicago, IL$1,193
  • Houston, TX$1,230
  • San Antonio, TX$826
  • Austin, TX$935
  • Denver, CO$790
  • Phoenix, AZ$833
  • Las Vegas, NV$915
  • Los Angeles, CA$1,031
  • San Diego, CA$935
  • San Jose, CA$1,130
  • Seattle, WA$827

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: