How Much Does It Cost To Install Aluminum Trim?


(400 linear feet installed in a two-story house)
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Aluminum Trim Costs

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Fascia, also known as aluminum fascia or aluminum trim is a key component in the protection of home and roof because it is installed in any areas where water and dampness might seep in and begin to cause damage. It is also what keeps many types of animals and birds from nesting inside of a home.

The materials are always sold by the linear foot, and aluminum is noted for lasting significantly longer. This average cost above is for aluminum fascia, but there are also vinyl, PVC, wood and other materials in use. Naturally, project costs vary based on the materials used, as well as the amount and type of home. The one-story home is going to come in at a lower price simply because fewer materials are put to use and because there is no ladder work involved.

Aluminum trim: 400 linear feet installed in a two-story house.

Item Cost Quantity Line cost
Aluminum trim $8-$20 per linear foot 400 $3,200-$8,000
Supplies and equipment $150 per story 2 $300
Material Cost $8.75-$20.75 per linear foot 400 $3,500-$8,300
Labor Cost $3-$8 per linear foot 400 $1,200-$3,200
Total Cost $11.75-$28.75 per linear foot 400 $4,700-$11,500


Other considerations and costs

  • If there is one factor that has a measurable impact on the cost of aluminum trim installation, it would be the accessibility of the area in which the trim must be installed. If it requires a ladder to reach, it can boost the cost of the job by more than 10%.
  • Gutter replacement is often required when aluminum trim is being replaced or removed. The price of replacing gutters is not calculated into the costs provided here.
  • Drip edges are not added into the estimated costs of the work either as their replacement is not a given. They typically cost less than $3 per linear foot, and that is with installation included.
  • Configuration of the eaves on a house or structure will also have an impact on the cost. For example, if drip edges have been nailed into place or there is weather sheathing, it will cost more in labor.
  • Soffits are another form of aluminum trim that should be considered in your calculations and the materials average at $16 per square foot with installation around $3 per foot.
  • Don’t forget removal and disposal fees, which can be as much as $300, but which is not so common.

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DIY considerations

  • Some of the removal and prep work you can do as a DIY step, but it may not be advisable if there are damages or ladder work involved. This is a major element of a home’s long-term stability and it is best left in the hands of siding professionals who can repair, remove and install aluminum fascia and soffits far better than the average property owner.


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How much does it cost to install aluminum trim in your city?
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Cost by city

(400 linear feet installed in a two-story house)
  • New York, NY$13,012
  • Bronx, NY$10,692
  • Brooklyn, NY$8,911
  • Philadelphia, PA$11,117
  • Washington, DC$9,647
  • Atlanta, GA$8,728
  • Miami, FL$7,938
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$8,315
  • Minneapolis, MN$9,755
  • Chicago, IL$11,365
  • Houston, TX$11,723
  • San Antonio, TX$7,869
  • Austin, TX$8,910
  • Denver, CO$7,528
  • Phoenix, AZ$7,943
  • Las Vegas, NV$8,718
  • Los Angeles, CA$9,823
  • San Diego, CA$8,914
  • San Jose, CA$10,767
  • Seattle, WA$7,882

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: