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Phone System Installation Costs

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Although it seems as if the days of the classic “landline” are close to being finished, and the more common requirement in a new build or home remodel is the installation of a hardwired computer network, it is still necessary for many types of buildings to require a phone system installation.

Of course, it is not the iconic phone system of yesteryear that we’ll consider. Dial-up phone service is no longer a common thing. Instead, it is more about accommodating an array of technologies as varied as VoIP, a PBX or some other unique and modern tech. Though it might involve the use of wireless technologies, routers and other similar gear, there will still be the need for experts to install wiring, equipment and more. When looking into the costs of phone system installation, it is likely that such technologies as PBX, VoIP, and business solutions like key service units and KSU-less options.

Phone system installation: by type, labor cost included ($300).

Item Cost
Basic two-line (classic) wired phone: requires the docking station and cordless phones, the phone jack, the lines running into the home and telephone wire. $600
VoIP systems: voice over Internet protocol systems. A home system requires a router and a specialized phone that runs on the Internet connection. This is a system that runs without classic phone lines while giving standard phone-like services $750


Other considerations and costs

  • Opting for the premium cabling is a good idea, and Cat-6 is a top of the line option that allows lightning-fast Internet and phone service (and costs only the single phone system installation fee). It averages around $1 per foot or roughly $450 for the installation of a system.
  • Remember that a classic phone system relies on lines and wires, and this may mean that installation costs a substantial amount just for running the lines and cables and routing them to the phone jacks.
  • Phone jacks are necessary, too, and they come at an average cost of $45 per jack (installed).
  • Monthly fees apply to any phone system and are not part of the basic installation.
  • Labor on any phone system installation may even involve the removal of original equipment (lines, jacks, and phones) to prevent problems with new installations.

DIY considerations

  • Phone system installations are not for amateurs and it is best to contact an electrician or phone specialist whether opting for a traditional phone or a newer, web-based option.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$1,084
  • Bronx, NY$891
  • Brooklyn, NY$743
  • Philadelphia, PA$926
  • Washington, DC$804
  • Atlanta, GA$727
  • Miami, FL$662
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$693
  • Minneapolis, MN$813
  • Chicago, IL$947
  • Houston, TX$977
  • San Antonio, TX$656
  • Austin, TX$743
  • Denver, CO$627
  • Phoenix, AZ$662
  • Las Vegas, NV$726
  • Los Angeles, CA$819
  • San Diego, CA$743
  • San Jose, CA$897
  • Seattle, WA$657

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours:

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