How Much Does It Cost To Paint Shutters?


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Paint Shutters Costs

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Shutters used to be an essential component of a house used to block summer sun from overheating the interior or to trap warmth inside during the winter months. They are great for areas prone to damaging storms and as the ultimate in home security if away for any length of time. However, whether shutters are “false” (meaning attached for their good looks, but offering no function) or they are “real” shutters with louvered mechanisms, they may need a new coat of paint from time to time.

Paint experts look at shutter painting projects in terms of the rate of speed that it will require to paint all six sides (two at top and bottom, two along long edges, and front and back). All painters quote labor based on those rates of speed: Slow rates often apply to shutter paint jobs that require a lot of prep work; medium rates are given to jobs that professional painters view as average and easily done at a good pace, while the fast work typically demands little in the way of prep, but may include a lot of volume.

Most price the job per shutter rather than per window, and an expert can tackle almost any painting in about an hour per shutter. It is a bit misleading for most homeowners, who might feel they can handle the task. However, it is essential to keep in mind that there may be a lot of intricate prep work (sanding, cleaning, and even removing and replacing, along with ladder work). Such tasks can make a seemingly easy job more complex, and most painters also opt to hand paint (with a brush) instead of spraying on each coat.

The materials (wood or vinyl) also make a difference in pricing since wooden shutters may demand a great deal of sanding, scraping, filling, repair, and priming before the work begins). Multi-story homes also are more costly due to the amount of ladder and even scaffolding work required.

Shutter painting: per shutter.

Item Cost
Labor – Experts note that it is labor that is the largest portion of the total cost of painting shutters $30-$45 per hour at roughly one hour per shutter
Materials – Paint, primer, filler, caulk, brushes, and tape $20-$25 per shutter
Total Cost $50-$70 per shutter

Other considerations and costs

  • The type of paint selected will also affect the final pricing per shutter, with weather-resistant or high-gloss finishes adding up to the highest prices. The gloss paints may even double the materials costs.
  • Shutters that have a great deal of detail, with features such as lots of slats, carvings on the headers, and lots of trim and molding will always take even the fastest painters a lot of extra time.
  • Metal and plastic shutters may cost more because of the specialized paints required for proper adhesion, averaging up to $90 per gallon compared to the $70 per gallon of standard exterior paint.
  • Lead paint may also be a concern in homes last painted before 1978.

DIY considerations

  • While it is quite simple to paint shutters, most homeowners are advised to work with paint professionals to get the work done correctly, efficiently, and most effectively.


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  • New York, NY$96
  • Bronx, NY$79
  • Brooklyn, NY$66
  • Philadelphia, PA$82
  • Washington, DC$71
  • Atlanta, GA$65
  • Miami, FL$59
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$62
  • Minneapolis, MN$72
  • Chicago, IL$84
  • Houston, TX$87
  • San Antonio, TX$58
  • Austin, TX$66
  • Denver, CO$56
  • Phoenix, AZ$59
  • Las Vegas, NV$65
  • Los Angeles, CA$73
  • San Diego, CA$66
  • San Jose, CA$80
  • Seattle, WA$58

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