How Much Does It Cost To Frame A New Roof?


(1,500 sq.ft roof)
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New Roof Framing Costs

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Before you can install decking and roofing materials, you need a frame for the roof, just as you do with the rest of the house. The cost to install new roof framing depends on the size of the roof, materials, used, roof pitch, and other factors. Flat and gable roofs offer the easiest framing with low materials costs.

Roofs that feature steeper slopes, lots of intricate angles, or other details that need to be worked around will have higher installation and framing costs than a more basic roof style. Those who are building new construction may also have an impact on their cost by having the framing of the roof done at the same time as the rest of the framing work, which can reduce overall labor rates.

Framing a new roof: 1,500 sq.ft.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Total Cost
Materials: lumber, joists, hardware, etc. $4-$5 per sq.ft. 1,500 $6,000-$7,500
Labor Cost $45-$75 per hour 40 $1,800-$3,000
Total Cost $5-$7 1,500 $7,800-$10,500

Other considerations and costs

  • Thicker or other premium wood styles will increase the cost of roof framing significantly. However, a higher quality frame will result in a longer-lasting structure that resists damage.
  • In some instances, metal framing may be preferred to wooden frames. In this case, homeowners can expect to pay about 25% more for their roof framing job.
  • If you need to hire a designer or roofing expert to help design your new roof prior to framing, that will incur an additional charge.
  • Permits and taxes are not included in these estimates. Most states have a requirement for permitting during the new construction framing process.
  • Prices include all professional labor and the use of a crane to set the roof trusses, which is crucial to square framing and proper construction of the roof of the home.

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DIY considerations

  • Roof framing is a big job. It is not one that should be attempted by the inexperienced person trying to save money. This is a project that is typically best left to the pros.
  • You may be able to cut costs on roof framing installation by providing your own materials, which can be much cheaper than those provided by a contractor in some cases.


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Cost by city

(1,500 sq.ft roof)
  • New York, NY$14,698
  • Bronx, NY$12,078
  • Brooklyn, NY$10,067
  • Philadelphia, PA$12,558
  • Washington, DC$10,897
  • Atlanta, GA$9,859
  • Miami, FL$8,967
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$9,393
  • Minneapolis, MN$11,019
  • Chicago, IL$12,839
  • Houston, TX$13,242
  • San Antonio, TX$8,889
  • Austin, TX$10,065
  • Denver, CO$8,504
  • Phoenix, AZ$8,972
  • Las Vegas, NV$9,848
  • Los Angeles, CA$11,096
  • San Diego, CA$10,069
  • San Jose, CA$12,162
  • Seattle, WA$8,904

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: