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Movers Costs

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Industry standards say that more than 30 million Americans relocate or “move” every year and that the costs of the process can vary widely based on everything from the amount of packing the movers are asked to do, the distance and location of the move, and just what is being moved. After all, a household with few belongings is going to cost far less for movers than the household with a library full of books, a piano and multiple bedrooms full of belongings. The factors that influence the final costs for movers also include whether that move is in-state or long distance, includes vehicles and other large items, truck rentals, insurances, and more.

Hiring movers: by type of move, three-bedroom house.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Instate, local, moves of 100 miles or less: typically includes two laborers and a truck $60-$100 per hour 6-8 $360-$800
Long-distance, cross country or interstate moves of more than 100 miles: typically includes the truck and driver and movers may be part of the equation, but not necessarily so. $2,000-$5,000 per pound 2 $4,000-$10,000


Other considerations and costs

  • Oversized items that include pianos, cars, pool tables, lawn equipment (i.e. mowers, snowblowers, etc), outdoor furniture, oversized indoor furnishings, and other similar items come with individual upcharges. Typically, this ranges from $200 to $800 and when a vehicle is added (motorcycle, car or truck) there is often a $1,000 upcharge on a local move and more than $2,000 for a trailer and transport cross country.
  • None of the prices given include the truck or van rental fees. These vary widely based on company policies, with some having free mileage each day, but adding fuel charges, weight charges and more. Typically, the vehicle is going to cost anywhere from $100 for a day to several hundred dollars per day.
  • Insurances are a must and should be estimated at $0.60 to $1 per pound, or flat fees for each day of the move.
  • Tipping the movers should also be added to the budget, and a 20% tip on the total cost (usually from $10 to $50 or more per mover) is a good estimate.

DIY considerations

  • Moving can always be done as a DIY venture, but when time, personal capabilities, and an easy transition to a new home are important, it is best to work with experts.


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Cost by city

(100 miles or less)
  • New York, NY$964
  • Bronx, NY$792
  • Brooklyn, NY$660
  • Philadelphia, PA$823
  • Washington, DC$715
  • Atlanta, GA$647
  • Miami, FL$588
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$616
  • Minneapolis, MN$723
  • Chicago, IL$842
  • Houston, TX$868
  • San Antonio, TX$583
  • Austin, TX$660
  • Denver, CO$558
  • Phoenix, AZ$588
  • Las Vegas, NV$646
  • Los Angeles, CA$728
  • San Diego, CA$660
  • San Jose, CA$798
  • Seattle, WA$584

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