How Much Does It Cost To Get A Land Survey?


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Land Survey Costs

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A land survey might be needed when you are buying or selling a piece of property. The land surveys will provide the property owner with a legal description of the boundaries of where their property starts and ends.

There are also other reasons to consider a land survey. They can be helpful when it comes to determining the best location for a septic tank, as well as to find flood plains. If you are going to be building a fence around your property, and you do not want to get into any disputes with the neighbors, having a land survey will be important. different types of land surveys include boundary surveys, topographic surveys, land title surveys, and mortgage surveys.

The price of the survey will depend on several factors. They include the type of terrain in which the surveyor will have to work, as well as the size of the property, and the amount of research the surveyor has to do for the property. Travel to get to the location could also add to the cost in some cases.

Land survey: mortgage porpuses, ⅕ of an acre yard.

Item Cost
Labor Cost $550
Total Cost $550

Other considerations and costs

  • Those who are looking for a property survey when they are buying or selling a home will find that different states will have different rules on who is supposed to pay for the survey, the buyer or the seller.
  • More difficult terrain will have higher costs, even for the same size property.
  • Different surveyors in different states will have different prices based on geographic location and their experience.
  • The more rural and difficult to get to the property is the higher the costs are going to be for the land survey.
  • Many surveyors today are making use of GPS and other technological tools to make the process faster. However, depending on the terrain, GPS might not always be possible.

DIY considerations

  • Unless you are a land surveyor, you will not be able to do the surveying yourself. The surveys are used as a legally binding document and they need to be completed by the professionals.
  • You would be responsible for damages if your DIY survey were incorrect.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$803
  • Bronx, NY$660
  • Brooklyn, NY$550
  • Philadelphia, PA$686
  • Washington, DC$595
  • Atlanta, GA$539
  • Miami, FL$490
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$513
  • Minneapolis, MN$602
  • Chicago, IL$702
  • Houston, TX$724
  • San Antonio, TX$486
  • Austin, TX$550
  • Denver, CO$465
  • Phoenix, AZ$490
  • Las Vegas, NV$538
  • Los Angeles, CA$606
  • San Diego, CA$550
  • San Jose, CA$665
  • Seattle, WA$487

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