How Much Does It Cost To Install Hurricane Shutters?


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Hurricane Shutters Costs

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Hurricane-rated design features and protective installations are starting to become mandatory in many environments prone to hurricanes and related weather. Hurricane shutters are among these installations, and they have a lot to offer. The size and type of shutter that you choose will impact what you spend.

Other factors affecting the cost of hurricane shutters include the labor rates and any special installation considerations. This type of work is typically measured and cost by the square foot, so it is important to have the measurements of your windows and consider the available materials and their expenses.

Hurricane shutters installation: by type of shutter, cost per sq.ft.

Item Unit Cost
Plywood: readily available, economical, but requires holes drilled into the exterior siding for installation. $11-$30 per sq.ft.
Storm panels: convenient and affordable, but sometimes a two-person job. $7-$15 per sq.ft.
Accordion shutters: permanent installation, can be locked for security. Not very attractive, but effective. $15-$25 per sq.ft.
Bahama: partial shade, permanent installation. Less protection than other shutters, installation can affect durability. $15-$30 per sq.ft.
Roll-down shutters: theft-deterrent, available in automatic operation, more expensive but long-term solution. $20-$55 per sq.ft


Hurricane shutters installation: 300 sq.ft. of shutters for 6 windows.

Item Unit Cost Units Cost
Storm panels materials $7-$15 per sq.ft. 300 $2,100-$4,500
Labor Cost $60-$85 per hour 43 $2,580-$3,655
Total Cost $15.60-$27.18 per sq.ft. 300 $4,680-$8,155


Other considerations and costs

  • This estimate does not include labor costs, with contractors charging about $60 per hour for this installation. It takes about one hour to install seven square feet of shutters.
  • Permits are not usually required for installing window treatments, but this may vary from region to region. Check with your local authorities or your contractor regarding permits and possible fees.
  • Installing hurricane shutters is a reasonably affordable project unless you wait until the last minute. Buying these materials during hurricane season can incur a premium charge due to increased demand.
  • Plywood is a cheap solution that is relatively effective, but it isn’t permanent and can require a lot of work to put up every time a storm is coming.
  • Your insurance company might offer a discount or other incentive for having these shutters installed, and especially when you choose a permanent solution. Be sure to ask about this.

DIY considerations

  • You can reduce what you pay for hurricane shutters installation by doing some of the work yourself, but only if you’re experienced in some areas of home improvement and have the right tools for the job.
  • You may also opt for professional installation, but save a little money by shopping around for the materials that you need rather than just assuming that the contractor will provide them. They will, in most cases, but they often charge a premium for doing so.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$10,281
  • Bronx, NY$8,448
  • Brooklyn, NY$7,041
  • Philadelphia, PA$8,784
  • Washington, DC$7,622
  • Atlanta, GA$6,896
  • Miami, FL$6,272
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$6,570
  • Minneapolis, MN$7,707
  • Chicago, IL$8,980
  • Houston, TX$9,262
  • San Antonio, TX$6,218
  • Austin, TX$7,040
  • Denver, CO$5,948
  • Phoenix, AZ$6,276
  • Las Vegas, NV$6,888
  • Los Angeles, CA$7,761
  • San Diego, CA$7,043
  • San Jose, CA$8,507
  • Seattle, WA$6,228

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: