How Much Does It Cost To Install A Hot Tub?


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Hot Tub Installation Costs

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An above-ground outdoor hot tub installation has limited costs, but what you pay could still vary significantly from another individual. The biggest factor affecting the cost is whether the unit is built-in or freestanding. This impacts the cost of labor and installation significantly.

The most affordable option is to invest in an inflatable or soft-sided hot tub, which offers an easy DIY setup and installation. However, this won’t blend with your backyard decor or look as good to your property value as a traditional hard-sided hot tub. Other factors affecting installation include whether concrete needs poured or if the tub will be on a porch or deck that needs to be built around it.

Hot tub installation: from lower to high-end installation, being the lower end just the hot tub, delivery and labor and the high-end a built-in hot tub installation.

Item Cost
Hot tub $3,000-$6,800
Delivery and transport $150-$350
Concrete pad $2,500
Deck or porch construction $7,000
Electrical and plumbing labor $800-$5,000
Built-in hot tub installation $17,500
Total Cost $3,950-24,500

Cost by brand:

Brand Cost
American Spas $4,500
Aquaterra $3,000
Aston $4,300
Divine $6,800
Evolution $5,000
Home and Garden $3,700
LifeSmart $3,000
QCA $4,200

Other considerations and costs

  • Lower-end models will cost less initially, but will also require much more upkeep and maintenance over time. It might be worth it to invest in a mid-range model for a better balance of quality and affordability.
  • Built-in and in-ground hot tubs are significantly more expensive to install because of the additional labor involved in the process. If earth removal or demolition is required, you will also have to pay for that labor.
  • While it might seem reasonable to install and set up your own hot tub, this is truly a job for a licensed professional. Hot tubs are a unique piece of equipment, and improper installation could ruin the entire unit and void any warranties.
  • These estimates do not include taxes, permit fees, or any related installation costs and accessories.
  • The model of hot tub affects price significantly, including factors like size, number of jets, features, and finish material.

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DIY considerations

  • While you may be able to install a portable, or soft-sided hot tub on your own, this is about the only DIY job with hot tub installation. An acrylic, wood, or another hard-sided model should only be delivered and installed by licensed professionals for your safety.
  • If you can prepare the area for delivery or take care of any necessary demolition or prep work, you can save some money on the labor costs, and especially when choosing a built-in hot tub.
  • Unless you are a licensed electrician or plumber, you should never attempt to handle running the appropriate lines for your new hot tub.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$22,489
  • Bronx, NY$18,480
  • Brooklyn, NY$15,402
  • Philadelphia, PA$19,215
  • Washington, DC$16,674
  • Atlanta, GA$15,085
  • Miami, FL$13,720
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$14,372
  • Minneapolis, MN$16,860
  • Chicago, IL$19,644
  • Houston, TX$20,261
  • San Antonio, TX$13,601
  • Austin, TX$15,400
  • Denver, CO$13,012
  • Phoenix, AZ$13,728
  • Las Vegas, NV$15,068
  • Los Angeles, CA$16,977
  • San Diego, CA$15,406
  • San Jose, CA$18,609
  • Seattle, WA$13,624

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: