How Much Does It Cost To Install Home Automation?


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Home Automation Costs

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One way to take tech to the next level is to add home automation features and devices. From security systems to automated garage door openers and smart outlets, there are plenty of ways to automate any home. Plus, the costs involved in this process are minimal. Some of the work does require technical skill, but that depends on the task and automation process or level of automation desired.

Home automation costs vary significantly because there are so many different products and automation devices. Some people only want to automate a few areas of their home while others might want a full automation overhaul. Existing devices and compatibility also affect the cost of installing home automation systems, including whether upgrades of certain devices are necessary for the sake of adding smart technology.

Popular automation features in the home include: lighting, security systems and locks, entertainment systems, thermostats, HVAC and thermostats, window treatments, and smartphone and internet lines.

Home automation: security system, and automation of the living room, and kitchen

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Security system $575 per system 1 $575
Thermostat $190 per unit 1 $190
Coffee maker $90 per unit 1 $90
Blinds $100 per unit 5 $500
Switches $52.50 per unit 3 $157.50
Speakers $45 per unit 2 $90
Labor Cost $1,000 per room 2 $2,000
Total Cost $1,801.25 per room 2 $3,602.50


Home automation: by brand.

Item Unit Cost
Nest: smart thermostat and security camera. $249 for thermostat
Savant: basic remote system. $499 for the system
Frontpoint: automated components with no installation charges. $100 for component
Belkin: We-Mo motion sensors and technology smart hub $80-$90 per component
D-Link: security systems $150-$1,000 per system
iHome: plugs, smart speakers, and other electronics $80-$200 per component
Chamberlain/LiftMaster: automated garage door openers $130-$210 per opener


Other considerations and costs

  • If you want to install a whole-home system, you will need to factor in the cost and time to connect all of the devices to a main smart home hub. This hub generally costs less than $150 and will allow you to control all devices from one location.
  • You can install a few smart plugs and switches for as little as $100 to get started on home automation if you aren’t ready for a full system.
  • Many installers will offer a discount or flat-rate installation on this service, allowing you to get more smart technology for a single labor cost.
  • You can buy popular brands from local online or electronics stores, or you can utilize your existing security company to upgrade to smart technology in those areas. Popular smart security brands include ADT, Vivint, D-Link, and Honeywell.

DIY considerations

  • Most smart home upgrade products are designed for easy plug-and-play connectivity, allowing homeowners to install simple devices on their own. You can save on labor costs by upgrading your own components, but if you’re doing a whole-house installation, you may want to leave it to the pros.
  • Consider shopping around for smart technology and devices before you commit to one brand or another. While your security company might be convenient to use, their products might not be the best or cheapest on the market.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$5,783
  • Bronx, NY$4,752
  • Brooklyn, NY$3,961
  • Philadelphia, PA$4,941
  • Washington, DC$4,287
  • Atlanta, GA$3,879
  • Miami, FL$3,528
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$3,696
  • Minneapolis, MN$4,335
  • Chicago, IL$5,051
  • Houston, TX$5,210
  • San Antonio, TX$3,497
  • Austin, TX$3,960
  • Denver, CO$3,346
  • Phoenix, AZ$3,530
  • Las Vegas, NV$3,875
  • Los Angeles, CA$4,366
  • San Diego, CA$3,962
  • San Jose, CA$4,785
  • Seattle, WA$3,503

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: