Asbestos Ceiling Removal Costs

Removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials may be necessary to comply with code requirements or to improve a property appraisal quotation.

You will find that the cost to remove an asbestos “popcorn ceiling” of an average home of 1,500 square feet depends upon the difficulty of the material removal, the construction details of the home, and the professional services rate.

In the following table are the typical costs to remove asbestos “popcorn ceiling” hazard.

Asbestos ceiling material removal: regulation compliant removal and disposal.

ItemUnit CostQuantityLine Cost
Set up: move furniture; install confinement and ventilation systems; cover walls and floors.$2.88per sq.ft.1,500$4,321
Removal: spray on remover encapsulant; hand scrape material; prepare waste for transport; dismantle confinement.$0.57per sq.ft.1,500$858
Disposal: landfill charges and transport costs.$35per drum15$525
Equipment, Fees, and Material Cost$3.80per sq.ft.1,500$5,704
+ Labor Cost$32per hour120$3,840
Total Cost$6.36per sq.ft.1,500$9,544

Other considerations and costs

  • To apply a textured sealing finish on the ceiling will add about $0.29 per sq.ft. to the cost above.
  • Most all State Air Quality Agencies provide extensive information on the subject. Look at:
  • These prices are for service in the immediate service area of the provider.
  • Taxes and permit fees are not included.
  • The work area must be free of all objects including furniture, rugs, etcetera.
  • Re-testing following any repair work will probably be necessary.

DIY considerations

  • This activity requires professional certification as well as specialized testing equipment, and is not suitable for DIY.
  • The task is a complicated and dirty one, and the dirt is toxic! For example, regulations require a full protective-suit be worn and to be changed every two hours.


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Cost to remove asbestos ceiling material in my city

Cost to remove asbestos ceiling material varies greatly by region. To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.