How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Garage Door Springs?


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Garage Door Springs Replacement Costs

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Talk to any expert and they will tell you that there are many signs and symptoms when a garage door needs its springs repaired or replaced. The most common problems include broken springs, excessive noise when opening or closing the door, imbalanced springs, and issues with the safety cables. While some issues, such as excessive noise, usually mean that a bit of lubrication on the springs and other components may be the solution, there are times when a full-blown garage door springs repair or replacement is needed.

If ever there is a household project that is distinctly not meant for the DIY enthusiast, it is garage door spring replacement. No matter what, they are under enormous pressure when the door closes, as they assist the lifting process as well as the closing process. In the case of torsion springs, the pressure is from compression of the springs. With the extension springs, pressure is created when the springs are stretched. And if you try to lift most garage doors manually, without springs, you suddenly realize the immense weight of a door. The pressure and danger of meddling with the garage door springs are why they should never be replaced by anyone but experts.

Garage door springs replacement: a set springs.

Item Cost
Springs $100 for the set
Additional supplies $50
Labor Cost $100-$350
Total Cost $250-$500


Other considerations and costs

  • Permits and taxes are not included in this estimate. You may need to get a permit for a replacement of a full garage door, but rarely for upkeep and repairs. Some cities and local areas are more particular than others.
  • It takes specific springs and careful measurement to guarantee that springs are the right size, further demonstrating the need for a professional to do the work.
  • The installation process can involve the removal of other components and requires proper lubrication using the appropriate materials.

DIY considerations

  • DIY enthusiasts may be without the tools necessary to do the work, and even then, having the clamps, lubricants, hand tools, and drills necessary may not make it easy or possible to effect such a repair. Though you may feel DIY keeps costs to a minimum, a single mistake can lead to injury and other major issues.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$602
  • Bronx, NY$495
  • Brooklyn, NY$413
  • Philadelphia, PA$515
  • Washington, DC$447
  • Atlanta, GA$404
  • Miami, FL$368
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$385
  • Minneapolis, MN$452
  • Chicago, IL$526
  • Houston, TX$543
  • San Antonio, TX$364
  • Austin, TX$413
  • Denver, CO$349
  • Phoenix, AZ$368
  • Las Vegas, NV$404
  • Los Angeles, CA$455
  • San Diego, CA$413
  • San Jose, CA$498
  • Seattle, WA$365

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