How Much Does It Cost To Install A Garage Door?


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Garage Door Installation Costs

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The cost to install a single-car garage door depends upon your choice of products, whether any structural repairs are needed, and the cost of labor where you live.

In this estimate, the project includes the cost of labor and materials for the installation of a new single-car garage door. Since automatic garage door openers are popular in homes today, we’ve included a quality, mid-priced garage door opener in the estimate. We’ve calculated the cost of an electrician to install the wiring, plus the labor costs for installing the garage door opener.

Our estimate shows a mid-priced, quality steel garage door that is insulated and can be painted to match the home (though painting isn’t required). The cost reflects a roll-up, segmented garage door without windows. If you’d like a decorative garage door with windows and paneling or a wood-plank design, our Upgrade Price is a good starting point. For a two-car garage, you can expect the cost to be about twice as much.

In this estimate, the Labor Cost is the amount a skilled DIY-er can expect to save by doing the work themselves. Of course, any electrical work should be performed by a licensed electrician. We’ve also assumed that the garage door opening doesn’t need repair and is ready for the door installation.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Total
8’ wide, mid-grade insulated steel garage door, with paneled design. Insulation R-Value 6.5 $797              1 $797
Upgrade for decorative garage door with windows and architectural details. Insulation R-Value 6.5 $538              1 $538
Automatic Garage Door Opener with 1.25 HP belt drive, 2 remotes, backup battery, wall keypad, and safety sensor $198              1 $198
Electrical components: 25' of surface-mounted cable; connectors, misc. parts $87              1 $87
Reinforcement bracket for automatic garage door opener $26              1 $26
Garage door lock set $57              1 $57
Total Materials Cost     $1,703
Cost of electrician for wiring (per hour) $78              2 $156
Cost of labor–install new garage door, garage door opener, and hardware (per hour) $36              8 $236
PROJECT TOTAL     $2,095

Other considerations and costs

  • Sales tax and local permit fees are not included.
  • Your local installer should inspect your garage door opening for structural or maintenance issues, like rotten wood framing or worn weather seals.
  • Some garages may need additional bracing to mount an automatic door opener. Any necessary repairs will add to the cost of this project.
  • Be sure to ask your contractor or installer for a complete, written estimate of all work to be done before you begin.

Check out our guide if you need a loan for your home improvement project.

DIY considerations

  • Installing a garage door isn’t a difficult DIY project for someone with good basic carpentry skills.
  • You’ll need a power drill, ladder, and someone to help with the heavy lifting.
  • If you decide to hire a professional, you can keep costs down by taking care of any needed repairs ahead of time. Remove the old garage door, if you have one, and make sure the work area is clear.


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Cost by city

  • New York, NY$3,365
  • Bronx, NY$2,765
  • Brooklyn, NY$2,305
  • Philadelphia, PA$2,875
  • Washington, DC$2,495
  • Atlanta, GA$2,257
  • Miami, FL$2,053
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$2,151
  • Minneapolis, MN$2,523
  • Chicago, IL$2,940
  • Houston, TX$3,032
  • San Antonio, TX$2,035
  • Austin, TX$2,305
  • Denver, CO$1,947
  • Phoenix, AZ$2,054
  • Las Vegas, NV$2,255
  • Los Angeles, CA$2,541
  • San Diego, CA$2,305
  • San Jose, CA$2,785
  • Seattle, WA$2,039

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours: