How Much Does It Cost To Install Fire Protection?


(1,500 sq.ft. home)
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Fire Protection Costs

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Fires are a very real threat to residential homes. Whether it is a Christmas tree that catches fire, faulty wiring, or an accident in the kitchen that gets out of hand, it is important to have proper fire protection for the home. This can help to keep the fire under control and even put it out before it causes too much damage. There are many different types of fire protection items and systems that you can add to the property to increase its safety.

Having smoke detectors is a requirement. You will want to make sure that you are checking those, along with heat detectors and carbon monoxide detectors regularly to make sure they are working properly.

Fire protection: various types of fire protection items and systems added to a 1,500 sq.ft. home

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Smoke detectors $15 each 4 $60
Fire sprinkler system $1.50 per sq.ft. 200 $300
Fire extinguishers $50 each 3 $150
Fire blankets $25 each 4 $100
Labor Cost (installation) $70 per hour 4 $280
Total Cost $55.63 each 16 $890


Other considerations and costs

  • Fire-resistant walls and siding can be used on a newly built home, or they could be added during renovation or remodeling. This will add significantly to the cost associated with fire protection.
  • Those who are hard of hearing or who are deaf will want to choose smoke alarms that also flashlights when they are going off.
  • Carbon monoxide monitors are a good addition to the overall protection of the home, but they do not detect smoke or heat.

DIY considerations

  • There are many DIY options when it comes to fire protection for your home, but any hardwiring of smoke detector systems should be done by the professionals.
  • You can install carbon monoxide and heat detectors.
  • You can buy several fire extinguishers and fire blankets to keep in various areas around the home.
  • You can and should also have a fire escape plan for the home.


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How much does it cost to install fire protection in your city?
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Cost by city

(1,500 sq.ft. home)
  • New York, NY$1,430
  • Bronx, NY$1,175
  • Brooklyn, NY$979
  • Philadelphia, PA$1,222
  • Washington, DC$1,060
  • Atlanta, GA$959
  • Miami, FL$872
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$914
  • Minneapolis, MN$1,072
  • Chicago, IL$1,249
  • Houston, TX$1,288
  • San Antonio, TX$865
  • Austin, TX$979
  • Denver, CO$827
  • Phoenix, AZ$873
  • Las Vegas, NV$958
  • Los Angeles, CA$1,079
  • San Diego, CA$979
  • San Jose, CA$1,183
  • Seattle, WA$866

Local costs have been calculated by accounting for labor and material cost differences across different cities. To get accurate cost estimates, indicate yours:

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