How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Elevator?


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Elevator Repair Costs

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Those who have homes with multiple levels, as well as many apartment complexes, will have elevators. These devices will make it easier for people to get between the floors of the property. They are essential for those who may be disabled or those older individuals who are no longer able to take the stairs safely. The elevator can be a very helpful part of the house, but there may come a time when the elevator is not working properly. This is not the type of problem that can be ignored. You will need to find someone who can come to take care of the repair for you sooner rather than later.

Many different issues can arise with elevators. Most of the issues will stem from malfunctioning doors. However, there might also be a need to replace the cables, the cable drive, hydraulic system, and checking electronic issues. Different types of issues with the elevator will naturally have different repair costs associated with them.

Some of the other factors that could affect the overall cost of the elevator repair include the type of drive system it is using and the number of floors it needs to reach.

Elevator repair: by problem.

Item Unit Cost
Cable Replacement $2,000-$3,000
New Cable Drive $2,700-$4,000
Hydraulic System Repair $5,000
Motor Replacement $11,500
Landing Door Repair/Replacement $2,750
Service Call $120 per visit
Inspection Fee/Certification $150


Elevator repair: replacement of landing doors and a replacement of the motor, along with labor costs and an inspection fee. In this scenario, the service fee was waived for the completion of the work.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Landing doors $2,750 1 $2,750
Motor $11,500 1 $11,500
Inspection fee $150 1 $150
Labor Costs $75 per hour 8-12 $600-900
Total Cost $15,000-$15,300 1 $15,000-$15,300


Other considerations and costs

  • When cared for properly, most elevators will be able to last without needing any major repairs for upwards of 20 years.
  • Even though elevators can last for a long time, it is a good idea to hire a professional to come out and do an inspection regularly. Check with the state guidelines on how often you will need to have an inspection.
  • It tends to be a good idea to have the same company that took care of the installation also take care of maintenance and repairs.
  • Taking good care of the elevator can help to reduce the frequency and cost of repairs.
  • You might need liability coverage for your home elevator in the event that it is not covered by your home’s current insurance.

DIY considerations

Elevators are highly complicated pieces of equipment, and they should never be part of a DIY project. Always be sure you are hiring licensed professionals who can take care of the repairs properly.

The only work you should consider doing on the elevator is resetting the switch to attempt to restore the power and checking the circuit breaker to make sure there is still power to the elevator.


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Cost by city

(Varies by problem)
  • New York, NY$24,096
  • Bronx, NY$19,800
  • Brooklyn, NY$16,502
  • Philadelphia, PA$20,587
  • Washington, DC$17,865
  • Atlanta, GA$16,163
  • Miami, FL$14,700
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL$15,398
  • Minneapolis, MN$18,064
  • Chicago, IL$21,047
  • Houston, TX$21,709
  • San Antonio, TX$14,572
  • Austin, TX$16,500
  • Denver, CO$13,941
  • Phoenix, AZ$14,709
  • Las Vegas, NV$16,144
  • Los Angeles, CA$18,190
  • San Diego, CA$16,507
  • San Jose, CA$19,938
  • Seattle, WA$14,597

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